Thursday, April 09, 2009

Update - Bad News

Hey guys
Bad News
Arrived at hospital today at 6 a.m. for operation. They couldn't do it.
Had a sore on my foot from my foot being so swollen that shoe rubbed skin off. Not worth the infection potential to my ankle.
I was so disappointed and in tears but I knew deep down it was the right decision. Shit I need this ankle so that I can at least start walking again eventually.
The hospital staff was wonderful and of course my surgeon was diligent. Anyone in Sydney area needs a good foot and ankle surgeon let me know. I can recommend one.
My daughter drove me there this morning and has stayed with me all day. God how did I manage to have such a wonderful person.
For a while it looked bleak (and might still be). Surgeon is booked out until after June but he is trying to arrange "out of hours" surgery time, maybe on Saturday 2nd May. Foot will be hopefully healed by then. Slippers are the derigeur footwear from now till then.

I have a wedding to go to but Jess and I discussed it today and I am going to wear my skibootie thingy to protect my ankle and foot and a normal shoe on the left foot.

I have been slack as far as the diet has gone but as of tomorrow I will be back on the wagon again. To use an Oprah phrase "I think the wagon fell on me" during the past two weeks. I am going to weight myself tonight so I once again have a starting point. I had suspended my weight watchers membership but will give them a ring on Tuesday and try on work it out. Also my gym.

I was at work until some ungodly hour last night organising everything for the next month but the way things stand at the moment after the school holidays I will work a week and then have a month at least off.

Anyway, just an update. Am going to take it easy and will catch up with everyone soon. Expect a lot of comments on old blogs. I have a lot of reading to do.

Love to you all.


  1. Oh - what a disappointment for you. Ive thought about you several times today and wondered how things were going for you. But as you say its the right and sensible decision - but that doesnt mean you have to like it!! Rest up and enjoy Easter with your lovely family - and of course you have a delightful daughter - she gets it from her Mum!! Take care Z xx

  2. ohhhh dear, but as you say, rather be disappointed that have a infection. I feel for you, had been wondering how you were going...

    Enjoy your Easter...take care xxx