Saturday, June 06, 2009

I am my best person...

This week I was lucky enough to catch up with the second appearance of Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah. She has moved back to the United States with Phillipe and lives in New Jersey now and is working on her new book about marriage.

I am sure everyone knows that she is the author of that wonderful book Eat Pray Love about the journey she took after several failed relationships. This book still sits in my bedside table and although I havent read it for a while the fact that it is there to be picked up when needed is comforting.

She said on the show the following:
"I am my best person when I have less on my plate"

This struck home with me - I am sure I am a much nicer person when I am not so busy/frantic etc. When I can take the time to meditate (and I am not good at it as I have a grasshopper mind), to stop and reflect, to let things go, to not worry over things I cannot change.

I am so looking forward to the movie of Eat Love and Pray that will star Julia Roberts as Elizabeth. I think it is down for release next year, I can only hope.

There is a Borders bookclub interview at here.

On a different topic but still related somehow, the decluttering is progressing slowly and the opening up of space in the house is quite liberating. Still a lot to do but I am moving forward at last, a direction for which I am so grateful.


  1. Decluttering is quite liberating I've found. When we made over the lounge and kitchen I threw out truck loads of stuff (mean that literally the local age care facility who have monthly garage sales came with a truck to get it all!) But I just love the feeling of spaciousness and you can see the 'lines' of the place. And its only occasionally I go looking for something that I've thrown out!!!! Haven't read that book yet - you're making me think I need to!! Z xx

  2. I just finished that book about a week ago - loved it! I didn't realise that it was going to be made into a movie.

  3. Doing a little de-cluttering myself...need to do a bit more.

    Must look for that book...

  4. Hi Julie
    I haven't been blogging lately and I have just caught up on all your news. I'm sorry about your Mum and I'm sending you a hug. Take care.
    xx Sue

  5. Wondering how you are doing???