Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm still here, sort of...

I am still here. On the mend extremely slowly. Still not driving, well only once but soon to increase. I am so freaking sick of relying on other people to get me places. That sounds really ungrateful and I'm not - just used to independence.

Still wearing the aircast, especially when I am outside but luckily not to bed anymore so sleeping is returning to normal after nearly 6 weeks of very little sleep.

I've been back to Queensland again with Jess to help clear out Mum's house. We drove there over 2 days, had 2 days of solid work, and 2 days home. It was a big wake up call and I am really going to try and get rid of stuff I no longer use. Who knows I may open an e-bay account. I know my children will certainly not want even a quarter of all the stuff I have amassed. AND it is only STUFf!

I am back at work full time as of this week. Glad to be back but am exhausted. Sooooo glad it is Friday.

My final visit with surgeon just over 2 weeks ago scared the s**t out of me. The operation went well but it will take me 12 months to recover and for the bone to grow around the space invader that now lives where my ankle joint used to be. The wound is not healing which is a worry and the rheumatologist took me off my arthritis medication this week because it might be the cause of the slow healing. Hopefully I can start physio in a couple of weeks. I walk like a penguin.

Havent been to pilates, yoga or the gym in two months.

I havent been visiting blogs and I dread to think what my google reader account looks like. Probably about to explode. Holidays are only two weeks away and I will definitely devote a lot of time to dear blends (as Zanna calls them).

Oh new King lounge arrived two weeks ago. It is so comfortable and there is always a fight for the prime spot. Because of all the rain, the new bathroom is still a month away. Should be nice and cold by then. Mark wont let me organise any other projects till this is done and it is going so slowly it is driving me loopy.

I saw the other night that Costco is opening in Australia soon (Melbourne somewhere). I have read about this store on US blogs. Looks very interesting but I fear it will be like Aldi and Bunnings to me - it is too hard to find things so I dont bother.

OK, dragging my crippled self back into my warm cave where I will hibernate for a bit longer. This whinge is officially finished now.

Love to you special people and thanks for the emails.


  1. Penguins are VERY cute! Probably a good idea to quit the arthritis meds until you're all mended! Hugs to you, and keep your chin up!

  2. Hope you are on the mend, and do get back to full strenght very soon.

  3. Hi Julie

    Well, I've just had a big read back through your posts. What a lot you've had to cope with! Hope the ankle is going ok. Please, please, please take lots of care of yourself.