Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am going to try

I am going to try and get myself back into some sort of routine while I am on holidays.

I had my first physio yesterday, nothing too strenuous. It will be three times a week for a while I think.

Went back to pilates on Saturday. Not the normal teacher, in fact not a pilates instrutor, and while it resembled pilates it really wasnt. By Sunday night I couldnt lie down on the lounge and once I did get there couldnt get back up. So so sore. Who would have thought that 10 weeks of inactivity and eating would have done so much damage. I was okay on Monday so went back for another session (glutton for punishment) and this time it was beloved instructor and lots of old friends and it went fairly smoothly although last night my pelvic floor was a bit sad and required a heatpack.

Today I am getting my hair cut. Hasnt been done for over 10 weeks so I look abit wild and woolly. Looking at the time I had better get my skates on.

Put on 10 kilos (a kilo a week) mainly through boredom and inactivity. I am going to make up a very easy gym program, mainly upper body, today so that I can feel like I am doing something.

I need new gym shoes but have only been out of the aircast and slipper for a few days and my ankle swells up quite frighteninly. I need a least one new pair of pants to wear as nothing fits. I need new comfortable shoes to wear out and about. I need to do a lot of shopping in other words but after yesterdays activities my ankle is quite sore so other than haircut am staying at home today catching up on computer work.

We are off the the Hunter this Friday for our yearly visit with friends. We will be home on Monday. I am looking forward to going and catching up with everyone but I feel so blaah at the moment I wish I didnt have to go. But as blaah happens no matter where I am I mos well be with good company.

Next week is endoscopy and colonoscopy time. Can anything else go wrong with this poor old body. No really I am fine - heaps of people worse off than me.

I have read a few blogs - googlereader tells me I have over 160 unread ones and that is not including Anne. This may take a while.

Jess gave me a lesson in facebook last night. Lots of yelling involved. I really think that I am too old for this but I will keep trying.

Have a good week - off to get ready for hairdresser - hope it lifts me!


  1. Oh - so easy to put weight back on, not so easy to lose it:-) Hope your wishes in wanting to get back into some routine all go well. I think once you make the decision you are making changes it does help. You've gone through a lot with your healing - take it easy!

  2. Saw you on Facebook last night and was going to start a chat but was in the middle of something so thought I wouldn't start what I couldn't do properly. Yep in full sympathy about how when you turn your back for a minute the weight just sneaks back on. Sometimes I just get so fed up of having to watch all the time - but I really don't like the alternative so I guess I"ll just keep plugging away. Will be thinking of you next week when you have the oscopies - hope all goes well. Take care Z xx

  3. I'm right there with you on the wild and woolly look! Early tomorrow morning for a chop job....it always makes me feel so much better---hope it does the same for you!

  4. Have a great time in the Hunter - I just love it there.

    Glad to hear you're up and about a bit - look after yourself though.

  5. Darn weight so easy to put on ehhhh but all you can do is but try and keep at trying to keep it off.

    Great to hear you are up and moving around a little, take care.