Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good Intentions

As was once famously mentioned

“Good intentions don’t amount to a hill of beans when alcohol is involved”

4 glasses of wine
beer battered fish and chips and salad
a giant sausage roll and sauce (what was I thinking)
1 large skim milk flat white (a tiny bit of sanity)

Also there was a lot and I mean a lot of walking involved. Something that I am not supposed to do at the moment. I only just made it home – my right ankle really was a cankle or in the advanced stages of elephantitis by the time I got to bed around midnight after leaving home at 3.

There was talk of attending the rugby grandfinal in two weeks time and then doing a pub crawl back to central and then dinner. (My God - I am going to have to get new friends - I cant keep up with these ones LOL). I have let Mark know that I probably wont be going to the rugby but I will meet them for dinner minus the pub crawl if it goes ahead.

Time to grow up and slow down.


  1. Yep know all about the perils of alcohol and good intentions! Hope your ankle isn't too bad today. If it's any consolation my lunch today was KFC 2 x Zinger fillets and chips! Decided that since it was nearly my birthday I deserved a treat - Bloss and Curtis had maccas but I just don't like maccas so I went to KFC just for me - what a wally!!

  2. I agree - any wine intake puts me in a couldn't care less mode!