Thursday, February 18, 2010


I cant tell the joy I am feeling at the moment. I feel my life is slowly returning.

Visit to surgeon yesterday seemed really positive. Leg muscles are completely wasted of course but I can now not wear the aircast during the day when I am inside. He would prefer me to still wear it outside and when going up and down steps just in case I fall over.

Had a long talk about the other joints in my ankle and what will happen when and if they have to be fused. Not as worried as I was.

I can also return to pilates and yoga with the understanding that there will be things I cant do anymore. I can return to the gym and do weights, cross-trainer (which surprised me), cycle (not spin) and weights. No treadmill.

Swimming is back on the agenda but I think it will be at home for the rest of summer as fatigue does set in quickly.

Physio restarts tonight with a new physio.

Walking Lucy can start but ease into it slowly with little easy walks.

Since the beginning of the year I have lost nearly 5 kilos just by watching what I eat as there has been no exercise involved. I would have like to have lost more but I am still happy with what I am doing so far. Hopefully with some exercise it will help. Mark reminded me about the fact that muscle does weigh more so I think I will take some measurements as well.

After the surgeon we walked down to the MBT shop. MBT stands for Masai Balance Technology. I bought some cute/ugly sandals after a lesson in how to walk in them. I would have loaded a picture so that you know what I am talking about but this stupid computer at work (and I shouldnt complain about that) wont open the product page up.

Anyway speaking about work I had better get back to it.


  1. Oh that does all sound like good news - and 5kgsdown is bloody fantastic. Have a great weekend Zxx

  2. Yayy:D that's fantastic Julie! Congratulations on a cast free life:) MBTs are amazing, but ouch, I got really sore when I started using them, you use muscles you never knew you had before, so start gradually!

    Here's a tip for happy feet:


  3. How are those Masai sandals? I've heard about them from my sister....Glad to hear that things are looking up for you!

  4. Back again - I've just nominated you for an award - check out my blog Zxx

  5. Ohhh fantastic happy to hear some positives for you....

    And well done on the 5kg...thats awesome !!

  6. I wonder how the new physio went? Good to hear things are looking up - it must be hard to take things slowly, even when you know it's the best thing to do!