Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I'm Back

Firstly I want to thank Zanna for my award and I am working on the response.
Secondly, Sue I will get to you today. I thought it was you on Facebook but just wasnt sure.

Well, big news - I drove down to the rheumatologist at Chatswood this morning in peak hour. Took me about 45 minutes and I was pretty nervous and my ankle is a bit sore but I am also elated to have some measure of independence back. Mind you I had to check in when I arrived there and when I arrived at work. I think if Mark and Jess had their way I would be wrapped up in cottonwool and not allowed out again.

News fromm rheumatologist not so good. The rheumtoid factors in blood test negative but that apparently still doesnt mean that I dont have RA. Anyway something is attacking my body, quite aggressively. At this instance, I am stopping taking Arava medication as it doesnt seem to be doing anything and waiting 3 months for it to get out of my system and then having another blood test to see if there is any reaction. Of course if there is a flare-up then I guess I will be back earlier.

The joint at the bottom of my thumb on my left hand will need replacing but I have deferred that for a while because I have had enough of hospitals. The other joints on my right foot are disintegrating and will need to be fused - once again deferred until the pain becomes too much. Left foot - ankle okay but toes and mid foot not looking great. Will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Anyway enough doom and gloom. We just spent four glorious days in Kiama at the rugby 7's. Jess and Marc came too. Two lovely lunches at the Crooked River Winery and put it to Jess that it would be a lovely place to get married and have the reception. More guest friendly than the Hunter which is her pick at the moment. Anyway have planted the seed. Wanted to go for a paddle yesterday but because of the tsunami warning was not allowed on the beach. Mark and I got kicked off twice. Bad old people! Nearly made it to the water line the second time. Lucy the Wonderdog stayed with my sister and I think she was thoroughly spoiled and was quite sad to come home to our place. Obviously we dont give her the attention she has become used to. She moped around the house with a really sad look on her face. Oh, by the way, West Harbour won the rugby. Nice time had by all with too much wine and food and I am not getting back on the bloody scales until next Monday. Hopefully I can reverse some of the damage,.

Gareth arrives back home on Friday morning. Have been keeping up with him on Facebook and he appears to be having a wonderful time. One of his mates actually videoed him snowboarding and he makes it look so easy. Gen Y sure knows how to have fun.

Sorry for the slackness in not commenting. Back at work and busy busy busy. Dr appointments are taking up a lot of time too but should start to get back to normal soon.

Take care


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Hi Julie,

    Just a really quick one. Dad needs to have both his bit toe joints replaced and his doctor (at The Avenue in Melbourne) has said to hold off for a little while as there is a new type of joint that have just been approved. It sounds as though they are already 'installing' it in people, but that they are yet to have the technique down perfectly. Just thought it worth a mention, feel free to give me a yell if you'd like further info.

    Other than that, it's good to see that you're still going along :o)

    Chat soon


  2. Hi Katherine - Cant find your current email address. Thanks for the info about the new type of joint. If you have any more info it would be appreciated. The joint on my left hand will be replaced by some sort of silastic joint eventually. Apparently it is a highly successful operation. Lovely to hear from you.

  3. Life sure does get busy t times ehhh?
    mmmm those demon scales..grrrrr I havemin to face and I m not going to like it at all. Just of late no matter how hard I try I can't keep it together.

  4. Yes can well imagine you've had enough of hospitals for the time being. Bet it's so nice to have Gareth home. Zxx