Friday, July 30, 2010

MIA yet again

Sorry I have been MIA yet again.

Been having to work some stuff out. AND it has become more difficult in a way.

For over 7 months I have been suffering with eczema and nobody was interested. Not the GP not the dermatologist. The last dermatologist I saw in early July wanted to do yet another biopsy. That was never going to happen. Due to the meds I have to take my healing process is so slow. The GP suggested cortisone cream and putting tegaderm over it (which is kind of like sticky gladwrap). But if you saw the surface area I had to cover you would be going out and buying shares in Nexcare.

Anyhoos have been surfing the internet and researching eczema and something caught my eye and memory. Two years ago when I had a procedure which I cant remember the name of but was both ends and no big deal the doctor mentioned lactose intolerence might be the reason for the stomach pains. Of course I didnt take any notice - hey why am I paying these guys all this money so that I can ignore them.

Anyway the long and the short of it is since last Friday afternoon (a week) I have virtually cut out lactose from my diet as best I can. I am really afraid to say this and am frantically touching wood but I have not itched once since and slowly, so very slowly the itchy red spots are healing.

I need to tell you that I was at the p*ssed off stage before the revelation. No one was offering me any viable and longterm answers. Maybe this wont be a longterm answer but let me tell you - sleeping through the night without scratching myself to pieces is marvellous.

I am back to building up my exercise at the gym (not too strenuous), doing pilates once a week and walking Lucy twice a week. I see the ankle surgeon next week and I think there may be problems but I dont care.

My weight is still horrendous but one thing at a time.

It is Mark's 60th birthday next month and I think he is nearly retired. He has bought a new laptop and downloaded all his personal stuff off the work computer in readiness for its return.

We are spending the weekend of his birthday up at the Hunter with the children and his brother and sister and his brother's wife. We have rented a house for the weekend and I am sending him up in an old fighter plane for the ride of his life. The bonus is that the people who own the house have said that Lucy can come too. A visit to the dog beauty parlour is in order.

Jess and I went to Rozelle Markets last Sunday and I found a pottery beer stein for Mark which he proudly took to drinks on Sunday night. Then we drove to Haberfield for coffee and arancini but they dont make arancini on Sundays but the soy flat white was nice. Jess will go back when she is posted back to Gladesville and get some arancini for me during the week. After that we went to IKEA to return some cushions and then home for afternoon tea with friends. Nothing got done at home but it was a lovely day.

What else - the Tour de France is finished for another year. I am suffering MasterChef withdrawal but I have the new magazine and am planning to make Alvin's drunken chicken. I love Lie to Me and Undercover Boss is becoming a favourite along with Doc Martin.

Rugby tomorrow night. Go the Wallabies! (Anne and Sue dont hate me)

Friday night, can hear the rain again on the roof outside my study and I am so happy to be able to sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning and a lot on Sunday. Have a good one.

PS - Oh by the way I have indulged myself with another Spencer and Rutherford bag. On special of course and it hasnt arrived yet but I feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. I think I need to join handbags anonymous.


  1. May the best team win! We will be watching:-)

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying life in spite of the health problems! Those handbags look really nice. Retail therapy does have its charms......

  3. Haha, you can cheer for your Wallabies all you like; still don't like your chances!

    A fifth wheeler is one of those huge caravan-type things that hitches onto the top of a ute-tray - kind of like a artic truck hitch.

  4. I believe so many of our 'ailments and conditions' these days are diet/allergy related. It would be awesome if leaving out the lactose would fix up the eczema. Grant - my eldest used to suffer from allergic rhinitis as a child (perennial hay fever) and we used to have to cut out all dairy products from his diet for several months when it was the pollen season - but at 31 - there's no sign of it. Thanks for all your lovely comments on FB - we had the time of our lives. I'm uploading all the photos to Picasa Web Albums and will post the link on my blog when I'm done and you can browse if you like. Don't be MIA for so long - I worry about you!!!! Love Zxx

  5. Excellent news that you may have found the cause of the dermititis but so so annoying that none of the medical people you consulted thought to mention it.
    Take care and go safely !