Monday, June 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

Hooray, we are halfway through. In theory the days will start getting longer but Mark reckons that the next three months will be the coldest. Let's hope he is wrong.

Been off colour again. Could be the medication I think. We went to a wedding on Saturday and I took my tablets with what I thought was water but actually was lemonade. Not too sure that they went together and the lemonade may have removed the protective coating on the tablets too quickly.

Lost 100g this week. Not great but a loss is a loss but 100g could be the difference between going to the toilet or not before weigh-in.

My sitting in the sun has not been too successful. Managed two days last week. I think this is one of the wettest winters we have had but I wont complain as it is nice to be out of drought at least in Sydney.

Was playing with the idea in my mind this morning that maybe the next time I have to have a major operation I may retire so that I can concentrate on regaining my health as my number one job. We will see. I do love my job and the people I work with. Maybe it was just because it was raining this morning and Mark and Lucy were having a "doona day".

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead of you.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been off colour possum - hope you're starting to feel a bit better. Any loss is a good loss so yes take it and smile. I can see the sense in retiring to concentrate on your health but I also understand how much you get from your job - difficult one! Take care sweet pea Zxx

  2. YAY - I love that we should start having longer days even though I think Mark is right, it is going to get colder but at least it won't be getting darker !!!!
    Take care and look after yourself. I think the idea of maybe taking some time off to recuperate and look after yourself is a great idea - your health is so important.
    Lotsa hugs !

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon...hopefully the rain will ease and you'll get a little winter sunshine...we've been lucky with some.

  4. I too lovd my job but after trying to regain health after my back opetation I gave it til the end of that year and retired. Best thibg I ever did. Yes I miss the money & the company but I feel better in myself. Health is something we can't buy and we need to spend time trying to be the best we can with our limitations.
    Hope Mark is wrong about the cold LOL although it's something my mother always the days lengthen so the cold strengthens!!!! We are coming back to Sydney in August so hope it warms up before them :) We have just come back from 6weeks there and I know what you mean about the rain. It rained the most in the 10yrs we have been coming to visit our daughter. Luckily it was a fine day when they shifted house :)
    Hope you have a good week & make the most of the sun when it shines. :)

  5. I think on one of those wet and soggy days you should take a break for a while and watch a movie while sitting by the fire.

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