Monday, August 16, 2010

Whew! What a busy weekend.

Not feeling well lately and it seems to hit me on Friday night and makes Saturday mornings painful and therefore no pilates which is killing me.

The no dairy diet is difficult (being a big cheese lover) but has helped immensely. The few times I have chanced it or inadvertently had dairy I have paid for it very soon after with an immediate flare-up of the eczema but on a whole am managing to keep it under control. I just want to heal now but that will take months.

We went to see Let It Be at the opera house on Saturday. We went into the city early and had a few drinks in the Rocks, caught up with some friends and then went to the show. It had Doug Parkinson, Jon Stevens, Jack Jones and John Waters in it and was excellent. Didnt get home until midnight and I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Dragged myself out of bed and got ready to go out to lunch and we were just lucky to miss the most incredible storm that raged through Sydney yesterday. Pouring rain, hail and thunder all within about 10 minutes. The restaurant actually turned the heaters on because the temperature dropped quickly but everything was back to normal within 15 minutes and more importantly the washing got dry by the time we got back home. Lovely lunch with lovely people.

So today, have walked around a small area of the national park I work in. Breezy down the southern end and the smell of the salt water was invigorating. Sunny cloudless blue skies, magpies, cockatoos, a swamp heron and plovers but did not sight any schools of small fish. Watched women getting ready to go kayaking and felt a bit envious but my time will come for lovely indulgences. It wasnt a brisk walk just a stroll because my ankle is sore from Saturday's trip to the city and I want to give it time to recover. So no gym today either just a bit of shopping and I have to buy a new black pashmini type thing because of course I lost my beloved one on Saturday. Probably take Lucy for a walk towards sunset. It is such a nice relaxing time of the day to be out walking. Something about the sun setting seems to soothe me - dont know why.

The nights this week will be taken up with cooking food for the weekend. We are off to the Hunter again on Friday to celebrate Mark's 60th birthday with family. I can't remember whether I mentioned it but I have booked a flight for him in an old fighter plane. Hopefully the weather holds for him as it is the pivotal part of the weekend, keep your fingers crossed.

Enjoy your week - stop, turn your faces to the sun and breathe deeply. Spring is stirring although I dont think winter has quite finished with us yet.

PS: didnt get a chance to post this on Monday and would you believe when I went for my walk at lunchtime on Tuesday the creek was literally alive with fish. It was incredible to watch them darting around and not just little ones either, some really big ones. I tried to describe the big ones to a workfriend and his response was that I had just described a fish. Also managed to buy another black scarf/shawl pretty much identical to the one I lost but it was expensive. Cooking for weekend is progressing well - lasagne and soup made, meat ordered and casserole to be made tonight in slow cooker. Other than that I have managed to lose my credit card but luckily the butcher has it and has promised me that I can have it back as soon as they have filled up their cars - clowns.
Really going this time and pushing publish post button otherwise this could turn into a novella.


  1. I really love walking by water, be it a river, creek, stream or ocean...can sit and listen to water for ages, must be to do with my fish star sign, I just find it so soothing.
    Hope the ankle is feeling heaps better.

  2. Got that storm out in Baulkham Hills LOL. I had just decided to go for a walk to the shops when daughter said to look at the sky!!!! Soon changed my mind but couldn't believe how fast it went through.
    We are so happy with the warmer weather home it's still cold and very wet.
    Good to hear you are back taking gentle walks. I am trying to but finding the fibromyalgia is flaring up so haven't done much.
    Hoe you had a great weekend up in the Hunter Valley :)

  3. Don't know if I commented yet or not - lol. Hope you had a lovely weekend and that Mark was able to go up on his flight. That would be so exciting! :)

  4. Hey Julie, I just stumbled upon your blog. I think you should check out the Primal diet.

    Nothing to buy, so I am not scamming. I've lost 120lbs over the course of 8 yrs and have never been healthier. My lab work is beautiful. I'm never sick either! Just really read into it. Certainly doesn't hurt to give it a 30 day run.