Monday, August 30, 2010

A question of balance

Whew - we have finally nearly finished Mark's birthmonth. It has been hectic and a lot of fun.

The warbird flight was brought forward from 11 am last Saturday week to 8 am and I was wondering how I was going to get 8 people down to the local airport to watch but it all turned out well. The pilot actually did the aerobatics over the house we were staying at so we just sat out on the terrace and watched Mark have the ride of his life. I swear, he didnt stop smiling all day.

The rest of the weekend was lovely too and finally last weekend he had his party at the golf club and once again had a ball. Mind you he is the original little party animal and age certainly hasnt slowed him down too much. My bestie and her husband flew down from Queensland and stayed for the weekend too so it was full on.
Party on Friday night and not in bed until 2.
Mark up again at 6 to play golf.
The rest of us had a leisurely start to the day and then caught the train into the city and went to the David Jones foodhall and had lunch at the antipasto bar and taste tested our way around, had coffee, went shopping and then caught the train home to a beautiful chicken curry prepared by the birthday boy when he got home from golf. Nobody needed any rocking that night and we were in bed by midnight.

Up again the next day and off to lunch at Buddha Belly at Terrey Hills to meet up with friends and then out to airport to drop our visitors off and then off to a sausage sizzle with the neighbours and then home and bed.

Didnt want to get out of bed this morning but there was the promise of another lovely Sydney winter day, not a doona day, so I eventually got out of bed and was only minutely late for work.

Planning for the Tasmanian trip is starting to come together. Got lots of recommendations about what we should see and do and where to stay.

Now the title of this post - Balance.
I have noticed that more and more people are talking about balance in their life. People perceive balance in lots of different ways but it is amazing that in the end balance is still balance. (Of goodness I am getting all mystic.)

Anyway while we were away in the Hunter with my wonderful children, my son and I had a long talk about eating habits and weight. He has lost some weight by just following simple "rules:
No fried food
No sugar
Eat dinner early
Eat more fruit

Now he never could be accused of being fat or even overweight, but has trimmed down so that he can fit back into a favourite pair of jeans and stopped the weight training because it was thickening up his neck muscles and he couldnt do up his dress shirts anymore. LOL.

No counting points, showing some restraint and I guess taking responsibility. Taking this slowly, and being superstitious I am not going to talk about this anymore. Just to say I am attempting to slowly change my habits but I am not going to beat myself up anymore about it.

I want to fit back into my clothes
I want to give myself a fighting chance against the disease that is trying to cripple me
basically I just want something better with more balance.

Not a big ask.

Completely on a different track
Anyway I have also taken up crocheting again. I had all this wool that I was going to knit into squares but my hands wont let me but I have discovered that I can still crochet so I am happily making squares for the new blanket for Lucy the wonderdog and next year I will see if I can donate crochet rugs to the "Wrapped with Love" project. It is awesome - I have something to do with my hands of an evening that I quite enjoy doing.

So, if anyone out there needs some knitting needles let me know because I dont think I will be using them anymore and I have got stacks.


  1. mmm Balance is what it is all about...its a lesson I think we all need to learn.

    Glad mark has had a wonderful birthday...sounded full on !!

  2. Read this a week ago but didn't stop to comment then realised you'd think I'd abandoned you!!! Yes it's all a big juggle this life - to get what you want there's a bit of payback! Bugger.
    And yes that applies to weightloss too. Sounds like the birth month was a lot of fun. No I don't want knitting needles - been there and one that and not ready to do it again. Crocheting - well I'm a leftie and no-one has yet been able to teach me. Quote from Curtis (grandson 5) Is Zanna (our beautiful dog) a leftie like Granny and me? He's the first left hander since me. Hope all is well. Have you been checking on Anne - life is very troubled for her. Zxx