Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A new tack

Awoke this morning to a beautiful sunny day. I love the early morning at the moment but I guess it will regress when daylight saving comes in soon.

Arrived at work and it was misty and mysterious looking. Couldn't see the boats anchored across the bridge. Wanted to take a picture but the sun that was trying to break through the mist was too bright and I kept getting what looked like a pole in the middle of the picture.

Looked out my office window a little bit later and saw the most amazing sight. There must have been 50 cormorants sitting on the seawall drying their wings and just generally catching up. Rang Mark to tell him as I thought the fish might be running but he thought it must be because of the rough seas at the moment. He was out pulling out the frangipani (frost finally got it this year) and planting out my olive tree. Would love to turn that part of the garden into a garden or a chook run but that would take more of his valuable grass and the moaning would be unliveable with.

(Pictures by my boss)

Such a beautiful day and I went for a stroll at lunch time. No fish swimming around but that might be due to the cormorants who have since moved on but probably scared the fish witless. The little swallows that nest under the bridge were out and about picking up mud at low tide for their nests.

Hundreds of little crabs scurrying around in the mud and hiding when I come near. So cute. How do they know I am here?

Something flowering and I dont know what it is but it smelt wonderful. Will find out when the guys return and try to remember for next time. Might have been a pittosperum - yes just looked it up on wikepedia and that is what it is. Smells heavenly.

Baby ducklings out and about with Mum and Dad Duck. Five little ones this time. I hope they survive.

A few more hours of work and then off to the hairdressers and some shopping and then home to walk Lucy. Hope the weather holds for me.

Spring makes me feel so contented.


  1. ahhhhh I love spring, wildflowers are out, ducks and ducklings...must start taking my camera on my walks....love your pics !

  2. Great photos Julie. It has been such a beautiful day. Can't wait until the days stay consistently warm :)

  3. Wow! Looks like they're having a cormorant convention!