Friday, September 17, 2010

A Week Like No other

Friday 17 September 2010
Firstly, my deepest sympathies to Anne. You have been in my thoughts constantly for the last couple of days. Hope you are coping. I cant imagine what you are going through but know that your family and friends as well as your blends will be there for you.

Secondly I am back on the methotrexate and am really foggy. This is my third attempt at this medication and hopefully my last. The only reaction so far has been this fogginess and of course extreme tiredness. Plus a sudden loss of memory.
Back to fortnightly blood tests.

Have not been able to get back to pilates in ages as my stomach pains make it impossible.

Monday 20th September 2010
If anyone has a pilates dvd with sessions that last about 20 mins let me know. I need to do something soon.

I know that I am not supposed to weigh myself everyday but I do. I understand why it is a bad thing because between Saturday morning and this morning I have put on 1.3 kilos and I dont think I have done anything terribly wrong. Bugger Bugger damn damn.

Okay got that out of my system. Am moving on.

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  1. ohhh Julie hope it all gets better for you soon.

    yes, my heart aches for Anne...hasn't she been so brave.