Monday, December 13, 2010

It's been a while

So much has happened since last time.

Twelfth Night at the Opera House was very good and Gareth really enjoyed it.

Jess passed her test with flying colours and is now awaiting her new posting. Again fingers crossed everyone (seems to work really well) that she gets the command she would like to be at.

Weight is going down slowly. I have lost 4.6kgs since I began this time. I might get back into my jeans yet.

I have had an endoscopy and found the cause of the pain. I have a healing medium size ulcer. Have to continue with medication and have another endoscopy next year to check how it goes.

My iPad has arrived and it is gorgeous. Just like a big iPhone but you cant make calls on it. I read the paper on it in the mornings. A few things I have to sort out but I will eventually.

Today is my last day at work until the end of January next year.

Tomorrow is Oprah day with Jess and on Wednesday I am off into hospital to have my lower back fused thanks to a very understandng neurosurgeon who wanted to operate on Tuesday and accomodated me on Wednesday instead. I will be in hospital for 10 days so will be out of contact for a while - at least until I can sit up and Mark brings me my iPad and iPhone. I wont be able to drive until early February and will have to wear a corset (hopefully looking really slim).

I will let you know about Oprah - I am looking forward to it but I hope it is not too hot.

Just in case I dont get back to you (hardly likely I know) have a wonderful Christmas and a hsppy new year.


  1. Good luck with your op! Not so good right before Christmas! I hope you get home for Christmas and manage to have an enjoyable one:-)

  2. Good luck with your back. Glad you have your iPad and iPhone to keep you company! Hope they look after you really well in Hospital.

    Have fun with Oprah! I hope they are hand out lots of lovely prizes to you.

    Glad you will be home for Christmas. Hope all goes well. xx

  3. Enjoy the Oprah show...:-)
    And all the very best for your op too, will be thinking of you.

    All the very best wishes for a Happy Christmas and happiness galore in 2011 ♥

  4. geeeee sorry I haven't commented before now, thought I had when I first read post....old timers !!
    Well done on the 4.6 kgs, thats will be into those jeans in no time at all !!

    All the very best for a very merry christmas and a new year full of happiness.