Monday, November 29, 2010

Handbag stocktake

As I lugged my handbag into work today I thought, no wonder I have a sore back. This is the contents of my bag today

Red Leather Wallet which contains cards and notepad plus pencil and pen
Sunglasses (no case as I cant find it)
Coin Purse
Black wallet for extra cards and cash
Diary to use as a food tracker
iPac (work)
Digital camera
pain killers
2011 Diary
External HD
Glasses (in case)
Another card holder for the excess cards I have (mainly store ones for rewards)
and this is before the iPad arrives.
Good grief!!!!
Now what is in yours?
Edit: Forgot the trusty iphone

On a sad note, the weight I was so excited to lose last week has returned. Not as much as I lost and I guess the difference was two restaurant meals. I really have to learn to do this better. Any hints greatly appreciated.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was very good. Maybe not for small children though. Definitely dark undertones and adult themes. Jess and I got to go with lots of young people. The girls in front of us, still in school uniform, were very funny and lovely. The younger boys from one of the North Shore's top private schools were hysterical to listen to. Anyway a good movie and a lovely dinner afterwards.

Saturday I went to the Sydney Opera House with Gareth. We had lunch first at Studio Cafe and then in to see Twelfth Night by the Bell Shakespeare company. I really enjoyed it and so did he. They are a wonderful company and the twists they put on Shakespeare are really great. Gareth really enjoyed it too and I think I may have found a person to go with finally. He actually said that it was awesome on facebook.

Have a good week and keep your fingers cross on Wednesday for Jess sitting her detective exam/interview.


  1. Thanks once again for you so very supportive comment. Restaurant meals are hard to deal with as they are never prepared how you would at home, just do the best you can and enjoy. I'm a fine one at the mo to give advice but maybe eat carefully during the day if you are going out that night.

    And my handbag?? You don't want to know - honestly, I reckon I could beat you.

  2. Hope that Jess's exam went well :)
    As for want to see my one when we travel. I seem to have to carry everything for Jim as well!!! This trip I have put my foot down...yeah right!!! I am not bringing a carry on bag but will use my larger handbag so that I can just bring my little netbook that I bought last time we were over. I am tired of having to drag out laptop from carry on plus handbag for passports, glasses, wallets etc. I'm all for travelling light. Mind you we always seem to bring everything except the kitchen sink. As Steph keeps reminding us......I do have a washing machine!!!! LOL
    Sounds like you have had some great outings lately. Good for you :)
    Thanks too for email, will reply asap :)

  3. Hell! You've just reminded me - I have to decide which handbags to take in the bus!