Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011 here I come

No resolutions this year. Last years list of things I wanted to do never got completed let alone acted on.
Keep it simple.
Three weeks since op. Taking it very easy. Up to walking around the block now. What used to take me 10 mins now takes 30 but baby steps - remember baby steps.
Corset/brace makes me look so slim but after a while hurts - maybe too tight but I do look slim if slightly lumpy.
Thinking of giving the gym away. I will miss it but I don't think there is a lot I can do there now. Will talk to neurosurgeon when I see himnin February.
Love my iPad so much. It comes with me everywhere and has niftly little red leather case. Am playing a form of scrabble with my sister and children and seriously kicking a**e. Take no prisoners is my motto.
My kindle has had some serious workouts. Easier for me to read lying down then a book - lighter.
Except for new years day the weather has been cool and rainy. Summer seems to have disappeared but I know it will be back with vengeance. Actually went in the pool on last Saturday. Had trouble getting in and out but It was just gorgeous. Must mention a handrail to the powers that be.
My big sister came to stay for a few days and it was so nice to have her near by instead of hundreds of kms away.
Bifold doors look like they are going in today. The renderer won't be here till next week but the builder has finished moving the steps out on the deck and building the new platform. The deck looks so big now without steps cutting into it and the doors open up that end of the house onto the deck and make everything look bigger and lighter. Bliss.

Now I need some serious fingercrossing please. The builders wife and children called in two days ago with coffee and cakes for morning tea for everyone. That night they found out that Catie has chicken pox and now if looks like her mother has them as well. Firstly, they also have a baby who hasn't been immunized yet so it might be good for him not to get the full blown chickenpox and also I would really appreciate not getting them at the moment too. Okay everyone on the count of three - fingers crossed and concentrate.

OK - I hope everyone had a wonderful new years eve and I am seriously going to try to not to over think 2011.
KISS (keep it simple stupid)


  1. Good to see you up and about. :-)

    Fingers crossed and concentrating !

  2. So sorry I haven't been around. Glad to hear that you're making progress - and your patience and acceptance is amazing (and humbling). I'm having a wonderful time with my new Iphone - so can sort of appreciate how much fun you're having with the Ipad. Fingers crossed and concentrating re the chicken pox. Take care lovely lady Zxx