Friday, February 04, 2011

It has been a while but

Well I have completed my first full week at work since mid-December. The weather here is stifling and by the end of each workday I am exhausted.

I'm not supposed to sit for more than 30mins at a time but of course I get engrossed in something and forget. The leg/muscle cramps usually remind me I am being stupid.

I am still wearing the corset/brace but hopefully that will end next Monday when I go back to the neurosurgeon. Also hopefully I will be able to drive again. Mark has been really great but not having any independence and having to rely on other people to get out of the house has not been easy.

Lucy and I walk early every morning - trying to get it in before the day heats up too much. Walking still is difficult - only because of muscle wasting. But everyday it gets a little better and hopefully the feeling that I am walking on sand when I am actually walking on a footpath will end soon and I will be able to increase the distance we travel.

Still doing the physio exercises at least once a day plus every afternoon I try to do some in the pool. Physio gave me a laminated sheet with exercises on it for the pool which has been lovely at the end of these long hot days.

The renovations will take another step to completion tomorrow when a renderer finally turns up to finish off the inside walls. The first renderer had to have a knee replacement and then his father died so we got another renderer who hurt his back, then his ankle. Now we are back with the first renderer. More fingers crossing please. (Seemed to work for the chicken pox - didnt get them!)

With all that, the fact that the rendering wasnt finished hasn't made too much difference to our life. The bifolds are in and the difference they have made to the family room is amazing. It seems so much bigger and we are using the deck more now. Having most of our meals out there when it is not too hot.

Did I mention how hot and humid it is here at the moment. Gareth has had enough and reckons this will be the last summer he spends in Australia. Looking towards Canada I think. In a way I hope he doesnt, as I think travelling is moving beyond what I can do anymore and I will miss him so much.

Jess has received her new posting. It will be a change after four years in one LAC but she will be okay. She is playing ActionBall with a group of workmates (it is indoor netball on steriods I think), registering to play softball again after a break of a couple of years, still going to the gym and boxing etc, swims there too. She is so fit - fits into a size 6 pair of jeans - I could say those were the days but I wont because I only ever got down to a size 8 but I was nowhere as active as she is.

Oh well, I'd better get moving as I can feel the numbness and vague pain starting again.

Have a great weekend and take care.

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  1. Good to see you hereabouts again Julie! Sounds like you've been through the wringer between health problems and renovation glitches! Hopefully things will get easier as time goes on......