Thursday, April 14, 2011

MIA yet again

I have been missing in action yet again.

Thought I would clear out my study at home - allocated one day.
On day one (give you a hint) I realised that it may take a bit longer.
Allocated a day per wall/side i.e. 4 days
4 days later I am still on wall one and have filled the recycling bin - cant find anything in the study otherwise I would have taken a picture and posted it here to show the carnage. How could I have collected so much stuff - paper - whole forest have been felled and are living in my study. I am trying to reuse all the paper that is printed on one side but there is far far too much. I thought the linen press was daunting - this room takes the cake.

Laundry is virtually finished. Still a bit of painting to do but usable. Did I mention in my last post that when we put the washing machine back it blew up - literally. Loud bang and smell of electrical burn. No washing done for many days but eventually got a new machine as it was only a couple of hundred dearer than getting the old one fixed.

The painting machine (Mark) has now moved to the family room. Having a feature wall in Linseed, other walls are Antique White USA and ceiling and trims white white. These are Dulux colours. After this happens, I guess the floor gets sanded and polished and maybe the kitchen floor as well. God what am I thinking. Then apparently, after the school holidays, the electrician is coming back to replace the switchboard. I may just have to keep working for the rest of my life to support Mark in retirement. I may have already mentioned all of this - my memory is going on me too.

On a brighter note - Have been gardening in small doses. Planting violas, filling gaps, removing ailing plants etc. Bought the most gorgeous tibouchia today (purple flowers) from the markets and I am going to plant it where the tiler has claimed a part of my garden for cleaning his gear. Of course I have to sort out the soil first because I am sure he has wrecked it but it is another gap that needs filling.

Autumn is absolutely glorious at the moment. Lovely days and cool to cold nights. Mark brought the gas heater back in last night from its summer storage spot and hooked it up to the new outlet. Worked a treat.

Daughter is moving to Greenwich in just over a week's time. She is happy that they are going to be closer to work and the city. I am happy we are going to be on the Gold Coast and not participating in the move. It will be all over by the time we get back and we have inherited a relatively new bbq and the suburban bane, a leaf blower. Gareth is lending them his fridge as his flatmate has one that they are going to use.

Speaking of Gareth, he is currently driving back from Darwin. A friend of his has scored a job flying for Qantas so he has packed up and is moving back to Sydney. Gareth flew to Darwin so that said friend had someone to travel back with. The roadtrip has been documented on facebook. They left Cooper Pedy this morning and hopefully will be home safe and sound in the not too distant future. Some amazing photos and so green in the outback. It looks like they have had a bit of rain - maybe it is the rainy season?

M0re good news is that his friend has volunteered to play Words with Friends with me. It is an iphone or ipad app and I really love playing but people keep resigning on me just because I get a little bit in front. Anyone else want to play let me know and I will send you my username.

Going to Opera House this Saturday for my yearly fix of Shakespeare with the Bell Shakespeare Company.

I am having a nice "at home" holiday and getting lots done without overdoing it. I was pretty rundown leading up to the end of Term 1 so it is nice to start feeling good again.

Back soon - have a good one.


  1. Oh lord I'm a scrabble freak on FB - and would love to play Words with Friends - love my Iphone! Sounds like you're going to have an amazing home by a few morethe time Mark's finished! - and you just might have 'sparklies' in your hair lol

  2. Always good to see a post from you, enjoy your "at home" holiday :-)

  3. What a lovely post to read!