Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Marathon Effort

I dont know what is going on but it took me a long while to get into my blog - maybe I was entering the wrong address - who knows - old age again I am sure.

Has to be quick as I am just about finished lunch now.

My oprah necklace came yesterday - the diamond one. Smaller than I thought it would be but still it is very elegant looking. Cant wait to give it its first outing.

Weight has been going back up slowly. Think I will have to cut out the alcohol again. Every morning I wake up and think no alcohol on a week night but when the end of the day comes my resolve weakens. Especially when the devil (oops I mean Mark) asks me do I want to join him for a sundowner. I have already rabbited on in previous posts about how he can eat and drink whatever he wants and it makes no difference to him so I wont bore you again.

Floor in the family room was polished last week and we went out on Sunday, under the watchful eye of Jess, to buy some furniture. A new TV (3D as well as HD - basketball in 3D is a wonderment), a low TV unit and a new rug. Mark is going out tomorrow to buy a new coffee table. If he shows me one more picture and debates the pros and cons of the size I may have to kill him. The problem of being married to an engineer.

Looking at a new system for hanging pictures and I warned the ladies in the framing shop that he may come in and ask them lots of questions. They just laughed and said they would be ready for him.

Of course we had to upgrade Foxtel to HD which meant that I would loose all my previously recorded programs on the IQ hard-drive. So guess what I have been doing for the past two days whenever I could - watching as many as I could. MasterChef had to go because I just couldnt fit them in. So now I start again.

It is freezing in Sydney at the moment. The winds are blowing from Antartica - no rain just clear, very cold days.

In my quest to downsize the amount of things I have in my pantry I have been eating all the soups that are in there. Discovered Cup-of-Soup Chinese Chicken and Corn - probably not terribly healthy for me but it hits the spot on a cold day. Really kills my hunger cravings.

Oh well, I have better go. Run out of time again. Have a good one.


  1. I sooo understand the alcohol thing - but every once in a while I reach the right place and just cut it out - that's where I am now - once started and established it's actually quite easy - it's the half way house that does me in - like Mark, Bloss stays the same no matter what and will suggest a vino before tea!! How about a picture of your pendant? Take care Zxx

  2. ohhh and where is the pic of the Oprah diamond, heard so much about them, but never seen a pic?
    mmmm alchol was the main cause of my weight gain on when on hols in not drinking now !!

  3. Sounds like your family room will be fabulous!
    It is so hard to give up the "sundowners". I usually have good intentions too.
    Hope the soup warms you up. It has been so cold everywhere - no wonder our arthritis is giving us "jip" xx

    P.S. Mervyn may have to go soon. He is crowing loudly every morning about 6am until I go and feed him!