Monday, May 16, 2011

Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.....

Well, what can I say - lost a 100g last week and I tried. I did try. I'm not good at going out to dinner or behaving myself (and by behaving myself I actually mean depriving myself) on Mothers Day but I walked everyday and did not drink any alcohol during the week. So - this weekend I wasnt as vigilant and we shall see what damage I have wrecked on myself.

Had lunch with the ladies I used to do pilates with on Saturday. Lovely time catching up but we all agreed with have the same problem. Being of a similar vintage, that roll of weight that grows around the middle is a universal problem for people my age. I really dont think it is fair that I didnt get a say in it. I'm sure I could have dispersed the weight better than this.

The great "Weapons of Mass Reduction" weight loss challenge has continued. One member when to Noumea for a week so couldnt be around for the weigh in, I only lost 100g and the male member of our group lost another 2 kilos. That is four kilos in 2 weeks! He reckons it is because his wife was away and he wasn't eating well but I reckon he needs to wear his glasses when he stands on the scales. No, that isnt fair either - men seem to be able to shift weight more easily than women dont they? Mark still wants to be a part of the challenge and I said I would consider it but he would be putting on weight not losing it. He got on the scales late one day fully clothed and still only weighed 71.6. I really could hate him sometimes. Eats and drinks whatever he wants.

Still walking every morning. Have been making Lucy wear a coat because I am all rugged up and she only has her little fur coat but she hates wearing it so much. Actually hid from me on Friday so I wont't make her wear it unless it is windy as well as being cold. She hates the wind. Sunrises have been spectacular lately and the show the planets are putting on at the moment is wonderful. Four of them clustered in the eastern sky every morning - hence the naming of this post. Beautiful.

Saturday afternoon also saw me finally colour my hair. No one home - perfect oppotunity. Well, the colour was dark blonde and it is more like a light auburn with red highlights. A bit startling especially for a husband who left a blond wife and came home to a brunette. The comments were flying thick and fast and I just had to tell him to settle down, it will eventually wash out (I hope) but I just felt like a change. I think that is something men dont understand - the need for a little change to spice things up - whether it is furniture rearranging or hair. Or at least mine doesnt understand it but he can be a bit thick on that level sometimes.

Jess's new unit closer to the city is beautiful and I can see them being very happy there for a while. They are still renting and probably will be for some time yet due to Sydney housing prices but the rent is not all that much different from the house they were renting further out and they are saving heaps on fares and late night taxis etc. It is an older style unit that has been beautifully renovated - new kitchen, new bathroom, fresh paintwork, high ceilings, closer to both their works and she is very happy and when Jess is very happy the world is a much nicer place to be in. LOL - that red hair is not there for nothing.

At right is me dressed for work complete with red nose. Very very cold here in the mornings in winter. Frosts cant be far off. It will eventually warm up but it is nearly midday and I still havent taken anything off including the gloves.

The mailman reckons I look like I am going skiing.

Hope everyone has a great week and I dont freeze to death at work.


  1. Can realte to your post!

    Yep - in responsze to your email I'm still blogging, let me know if you can get in to read. Will also reply to your email.

    Take care - and keep warm!

  2. Luckily, we have not even started our winter weather, Western Australia really needs rain !!

    ohhh and our bed is a water bed, hubby recons the only reason he bought it was so he knew where his bed was going to be every night...I love re-arranging "things"!

  3. Oh sweet pea - you look so sad in this pic - I always think of you with a smiley face xxx ps know what you mean about that bit round the middiel - thinking a quick excision would probably fix it - but I don't think it's that easy !!

  4. Oh Julie! You do kind of look like you're setting off on an expedition to the Antarctic! Stay warm!