Tuesday, July 26, 2011

False Starts

False starts - what I seem to be particularly good at when it comes to my weight. I have crept back up into the 70's again and my body is starting to ache again with the combined extra weight and the cold that I am finding particularly difficult to bear this winter.

Yesterday another start - sorted out some menu plans from the weight watchers site, adjusted them for my needs i.e. no dairy etc (something I have not been policing very well lately and am paying the price for), shopped for produce and started yesterday. I love the fact that although Mark has seen me start this jurney many many times he is so supportive in a quiet way - he wants what I want for me and tries his best to help me.

After our heart to heart talk a month or so ago about the grumpy old man syndrome, he has been so much nicer to be around and I can feel his approval most of the time. It is nice to not be taken for granted.

Blood pressure has been raging lately so medication has changed and it seems to have gotten it back under control. I dont feel any different but the doctor is happier. I did say to her that since she was the one getting upset about the figures on the machine, perhaps she shouldnt take my BP anymore. Ignorance is bliss. Guess what, she didnt agree.

Daughter and son have gone snowboarding this week together down south. Into day 2 and they seem to be surviving in each others company. Jess was so excited about going, the first time since she was in Year 12 and has been taking lessons each morning this week. She is a natural athlete which may annoy her brother, probably always has, as he is the person with all the experience, her big brother. Hopefully she will have the commonsense to let him take the lead, at least this first time, especially if she wants to be invited back.

Lucy the wonder dog is not well. We have known she has a laxating patella since she was a puppy. In the last month though she must have overdone it because she can no longer go up stairs or jump up on things. We have to lift and carry her and when we have had to go out, especially in all that horrible weather last week, had to barricade her on the deck because if she had gone down the steps she wouldnt have been able to get back up. We took her to the vet who put her on anti-inflammatories but she was the saddest little dog I have ever seen. Her eyes were reflecting such sadness and her normally springy tail was just drooped and dragging on the floor. Other than that she never complained. We took her back last week as there was no improvement and Angus started her on a once a week injection of a glucosamine type medication. Apparently it is something that is given to race horses. While she still cant go up stairs she is happier and the spring has returned to her tail. I think an operation may be on the cards.

Every year I watch Le Tour de France religously. I love watching the scenery and the fit looking men on bikes and cheering for Cadel, appreciating his BMC team and the protection and help they gave him this year. Marvelling at Mark Renshaw's ability to lead Mark Cavendish into a winning position. Admiring the Schleck brothers - so many many things to mention. Oh well, it is over for another year and life returns to normal. At least until the Tour Downunder starts. Time now to catch up on MasterChef.

I had better get back to work - swamped this week and it is only the second week of term.
Have a great week and I will catch up with you on facebook and through your blogs as time permits. (Zanna is only beating me at 15 or so games of Scrabble on my iPad and I wonder where my time goes!)

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