Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Week One done and dusted

Well I made it through Week One. I was really really good for 6 days and 22 hours but those 2 hours on Sunday night nearly undid me. Isn't it amazing that such a short amount of time can undo all the good stuff you have achieved during the week.

We went to drinks on Sunday night and initially I wasn't going to go but Mark wanted me to and I know I really cant be antisocial just because I am trying to lose weight but I am hopeless when it comes to nibblies. Did I say nibblies - I don't know what came over my girlfriend because I know she is worried about her weight too - the short list of what she supplied was

  • mini spring rolls (at least baked not fried) with sweet chilli dipping sauce

  • honey and soy chicken drumettes

  • a cheese platter - lots of different types plus the saving grace of strawberries

  • Cheds biscuits

  • mini salmon rissoles with a relish

I came home and cooked Mark dinner and didn't bother with me because I had eaten heaps and really I would have just been eating for eating's sake if I had had dinner.

Okay, the bottom line was, even with that car crash on Sunday night, I lost 1.3kgs last week.

I did some form of exercise 6 days last week - not strenuous but still got me moving and motivated.

Off to the doctors today - have been having trouble with blurring vision lately - mainly when doing office work or reading. Seem to be squinting a lot. Had my eyes tested by optometrist three weeks ago but he could see no discernible changes in my prescription and then suddenly remembered what the rheumotologist said when she prescribed some extra medication to see if she could get the swelling down in my hands - this medication can affect eyesight. So rang yesterday morning and left a message for her and her reception rang back and said stop taking medication immediately and see my GP at my earliest convenience. Don't quite know what GP is going to do but have stopped taking the medication and am off to the doctors this afternoon after work. Hopefully it is not permanent damage.

Counting down the minutes to lunch time - have a great week everyone.


  1. Oh,what bad luck about that rx! I've been taking plaquenil for years and have to have frequent eye tests to make sure it does no harm to them... Love your blog background!

  2. Hope you get your eyes sorted out...reminds me I must do too !!
    My week in Melbourne sent me "pear shaped" now have to get back into it for real !
    Have a great week...