Monday, September 19, 2011

WARNING - Weight Hazard

OK I am officially declaring the Rugby World Cup a weight hazard!

How am I going to survive 6 weeks or maybe only 4 now of partying (yes yes I know I have nothing to celebrate at the moment), drinks, dinners, nibblies and generally having a great time. This is really rhetorical as we all know what I am going to do - drink, dine and eat in no particular order. Oh well it only comes around every four years thank goodness.

After all that, and in spite of that, I managed to reclaim 600g of the yo-yo weight last week. By reclaim I mean gone again. I am trying to eat sensibly during the week with a meal plan etc etc but on the weekend that meal plan opens the window and flies away so I was glad the scale movement was down again when I had been thinking it was going to be up.

The weather in Sydney is warming up and is glorious. Haven't had a jumper on all day.

Can't remember if I mentioned it last week but my ankle is playing up again. I think I did. Went to GP and she has referred me on the the ankle surgeon again who I see on Tuesday week. Hopefully it is something that can be easily fixed with physio or something like that. But as a result there has been no exercise at all done for nearly two weeks. I have thought about walking Lucy and taking my phone with me just in case I needed rescuing. The pain can be quite a lot or hardly at all. I don't know why. By the end of the day yesterday my right ankle looked enormous.

Also back to see the rheumotologist tomorrow. Hopefully I can stop taking some of the tablets. I think the rash I have got is from the plaquenil - similar to the rash that methotrexate gives me and is driving me slowly crazy. Also hopefully not anemic anymore so can stop the iron tablets too. I'm a walking timebomb at the moment but doing my bit to keep doctors in gainful employment. My GP has put me on a care plan again so I am off to see the podiatrist again and hopefully he will be able to help me with my feet too at minimal cost.

Work has only a week to go, and then holidays for two glorious weeks and more practising for retirement.

Hope everyone has a great week - I intend to.


  1. I'm with you on the RWC being a hazard to weight loss - it is so nice being able to watch the games and nibble away on whatever snacks we have available. Of course if we had none, I wouldn't eat any but the game wouldn't be the same, would it ?
    Here's hoping that the specialists you see can find some relief for you - there is nothing worse than being in pain.
    Take care and have a great week too !

  2. mmmmm I declare the footy a health hazard....not watching too much of the rugby.

    Hope all goes well with the ankle...