Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Does this Happen?

I really need to talk about this hence the second post this week.

Yesterday was a really blah day for me.

I guess it was depression in some form. I felt so down and exhausted. I ate everything in sight. I don't really know what triggered it.

I did think about what was happening to me and possible reasons. The main one is the threat of my ankle really being trashed this time and another operation looming and a secondary one is that I was just getting back into the swing of exercising again and now nothing. I know exercise makes you feel better - endorphins etc and I love doing it.

I have pulled myself back - really there are so many people worse off then me.

I am going to take some painkillers at lunchtime and go for a little walk around the picnic area in the national park to get some sunshine.

But if you have any thoughts on this I would appreciate them.


  1. I wish I had some I do the same thing to myself :-(

    Hope the sunshine made you feel better. xx

  2. Have you thought about trying to do some exercises that don't need you to use your ankle e.g. upper body work or sitting on a diningroom table and doing things like leg lifts. Maybe using some small weights for your arms. It is so hard when you want to exercise and you can't - I hope that you manage to get a resolution soon about your ankle and that they are able to fix it once and for all for you.
    Take care !

  3. Well I think you amaze me by how positive you always manage to seem despite all the health problems and pain you have to suffer. So to be honest I think that every now and again you're allowed to feel bleh and depressed - eating everything in sight is an unfortunate side effect. However the important thing is that you do have an awareness of it all and you keep trying. I so much admire the way you deal with your health - and if you were here I would just give you a big cuddle. Thanks so much for all your lovely supportive comments on the travel blog. I'll need to get going on the other one now - 2.7kgs extra after the trip - and of course didn't get any off before I went. But Clive and Jo's wedding next April should give me the kick in the ass that I need !!! Take care Love Z xx