Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An idea is germinating...

I am seriously thinking about cutting wheat out of my diet.

J has cut wheat and dairy out of her diet and I have watched her skin clear and she feels better. She is not doing it to lose weight as she doesnt have that problem - yet.

Today a casual teacher came in to work and after I complimented her on how well she looks she told me that she had decided to cut wheat out of her diet. She has lost weight, finds that she is not as hungry as she used to be and doesnt crave sugar. She looks great - glowing actually. We had a laugh about that description as glowing usually refers to someone who is pregnant and after 5 children she definitely doesnt want to go down that path again.

Anyway that is what I am thinking about today. It will be gradual I hope as I cant bear to waste what I already have but I had my last wrap today for lunch so I am not going to buy anymore and dinner should not be too much of a problem once I use the frozen meals in the freezer - they seem to be based on pasta. Of course there is still cereal to eat but I envisage that in two weeks that is all I will have left and I only eat it twice a week.

I am very tired at the moment. Still having trouble getting up on time in the morning and this morning's weigh in was horrible. I weigh more that I have in over 30 years and it is growing every week. Am aiming to do measurements this afternoon as I think I need another yardstick to measure myself against.

Hopefully I wont become too anal about this. (Subconscious is already in full revolt about the no bread thing - damn this is not going to be easy)

Trip to Melbourne was wonderful. Wedding was in Gembrook and it was such a lovely setting.

Reception was at Forest Edge.

Have tomorrow off due to doctors appointments and meeting J afterwards for lunch. She wants to go to the museum but dont think I will have time.

Lunch with pilates girls on Saturday - another challenge.

Wish me luck with this - I am beginning to doubt myself. I dont seem to be able to find the path back to where I was. Sorry if that sounds like a moan, it isnt. I am desperately trying not to settle for "I'm over a certain age and this is what happens". Balderdash!

Have a great week yourselves



  1. Julie, just a suggestion but I would look at checking with a dietician before cutting wheat out of your diet - it doesn't work for everyone - only if you have an intolerance to it. She will be able to test you to see whether that is the best thing you can do.

    I hope you manage to feel better soon - take care !

  2. Hi Julie......once you make the start to the 'no wheat' way of life you wont look back. I guess you may have seen our progress on my blog and I have my friend Lynda to thank for pointing us in the direction we are now travelling. This is her blog link
    and on there are lots of links and there is also a mine of information on her day to day happenings to get you started. Saves having to do a lot of the research to find sites.
    I am reading the book "wheat belly" at the moment and the information contained in it makes so much sense. Along with giving up the wheat made things,otherfor we also lowered our carb intake. Jim is more or less at goal now and is increasing his carbs but I am still on the lower carb track until I lose more kilos. This wheat free way of life isn't just about loosing weight....that's a bonus......it's the health benefits that are the real gifts.
    I hope you do give it a try and if I can help in any way please ask.
    Big hugs :)

  3. Glad a wonderful time was had in Melbourne.

    Good luck with the new healthy approach to your eating...you can only but try. :-)