Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wheat belly

Wheat belly, bagel butt or biscuit face - any of these terms could apply according to Dr William Davis.

Well it has been a week or just over.
Not as hard as I thought it would be.

Havent noticed any negative side affects yet but think there may have been some positive ones.
I lost 800g without trying at all but that just could be fluid.
I am sleeping better but that just might be because glorious autumn has arrived.
Except on the days I still have wheat, tummy problems non existant.

I am reading ingredient lists diligently. Amazed at what has wheat in it. Soy sauce does but have found a wheatfree brand. Also have found a wheat free bread made by Dovedale and available at Coles. It is a rye bread.

Discovery - gluten free doesnt necessarily mean wheat free it just means the gluten has been removed.

I am reading Wheat Belly too. Downloaded it on my iPad. Read the sample first and thought I would like to read more so ended up buying it last night.

Subconscious is still in revolt about no bread, pasta or noodles but is learning to live without it. It is not going to kill me to eat it, it just doesn't seem to agree with me and if it makes a difference then yah!

Any way more reading and exploring recipes to do yet.

Read a comment on a blog yesterday that resonated with me.

This is not a diet - a diet has deadlines - this is a plan - a plan has a timeline and focus. I think that is what she said or words to that effect.

Daylight saving ends this weekend. I like the daylight at the end of the day but I really miss the daylight at the beginning. Cant walk Lucy anymore because it is pitch black when I get up and I am a scaredy cat who doesnt want to tempt fate. So as of next Sunday, time returns to normal and I should be able to walk in the mornings again for a while before winter sets in. Especially since I am not as tired has I have been. Maybe another positive from being virtually wheat-free.

Not counting today, only 6 more work days before the school holidays start. Woohoo.

Going to sit down with M and talk about my retirement. I love my job but there are so many other things I want to do. Just got to work out if I can afford to retire and when. After September next year but not sure what to do with the long service leave and tax years. Another plan to formulate.

Had two MRIs and 4 xrays done today. I have worked this week to support the medical imaging company. Dr thinks knee problems could be a meniscus injury. Will hopefully find out one way or the other when I go back and see her next week.

Yoga tonight or my version of yoga. Me and my trusty chair to help me get up etc.

Nearly finished my salad for lunch. Coffee time and then back to work. Was going to go for a walk over to the creek to see if there are any fishes about but it has started raining. I am trying to convince M to come down one day to go fishing and maybe have lunch with me but he is playing golf today.

Have a great week everyone


  1. So glad the wheat free plan is working for you. A great loss even if it is fluid - motivating enough to keep you going.

    Take care and hopefully I will see you soon.

  2. Well done on the positive week, hope it continues to go well for you.