Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Holiday Time

I am finally on holidays. Great things planned.
Cleaning out that pesky cupboard in the kitchen that breeds plastic containers. We all have one.

M is making choko pickles today and while looking for the large pot (in my bedroom wardrobe - where else) found heaps if stuff that I have kept for goodness knows why but no pot. I actually think I gave it to future s-i-l as I thought I didn't need it anymore. See it just goes to show you should never throw or give away anything. We managed without it anyway. But I found a single bed doona. I don't think I know anyone who has single beds anymore so I have washed it and it is now on the line drying and I will take it to Life Line. Somebody might be able to get some use out of it.

Today is freezing. You can feel the snow in the air and it is actually snowing down the mountains. As you can expect my children are ecstatic about the thought of snow season starting again soon.

On Sunday night when we were down at Palm Beach we could see a storm building out west. Checked the radar and sure enough it was sweeping across quite a large part of the state from the mountains towards the coast. Spectacular light show. Of course we were an hour from home and could only hope that Lucy was okay.

Driving home we could see that there were a couple of tree branches down and the power was off in some suburbs closer to home. Got home and the garage door wouldn't open which means that our power was also off, the back deck was a third wetter than it should have been and a pot plant had been blown over. Lucy was okay and has since forgiven us for leaving her alone at a time she absolutely hates.

Anyway yesterday J rang me to check that we were okay. Yes everything is fine and I had actually thought that she would have copped it worse at Swansea where they were camping. What she was actually ringing about was that the next street over had been trashed by the storm.

Lucy and I went for a walk this morning down to our usual park at the bottom of the street. It looked like a cyclone had gone through it. I would say that we have lost at least a third of the trees. Talking to other walkers, everyone was a bit dazed as it was only in this corridor that the damage was done. Walked around a couple of streets, dodging tree loppers and clearer uppers, cars were crushed and houses had lost their roofs. It looks like a miniature cyclone went through there. The funny thing is that the pattern of all the trees lying down shows that the wind came from the north or maybe the northeast which is strange as the storm actually came from the west. Looking forward to reading the local paper this week to see if there is a logical explanation. Meantime I am in mourning for my beautiful park and the loss of all those trees.

Lifestyle change -
Going well most of the time. Energy has definitely improved and I notice the few times I have made a bad choice how tired I get and how much my digestion hates it.

I am surprised that my hunger levels are dropping. Don't need extra fruit at morning tea and lunch time now to get me over the munchies. Have actually said no to dessert a couple of times when we have been out and the times when I didn't, I wished I had been stronger and said no. I was eating to be polite or because it looked nice not because I actually wanted some.

Of course Easter chocolate has been a disaster but am trying to limit it to one piece a day (except for the Facebook bunny) and only good quality chocolate.

Am still reading lots and getting new ideas for modifying recipes.
Have a shopping list of ingredients to buy such as coconut flour and coconut oil. Had a look around the local supermarket quickly the other day but couldn't find it so will either go to Thomas Dux Grocers or the health food shop. Have found a organic grocer down at Artarmon so if all else fails I will go down there.

I made a version of shepherds pie the other day which was yummy (thanks Jenny T). Made two in individual pie dishes - M's had the traditional mashed potato on top, mine had cauliflower on top mashed with a little soy cream cheese but the meat base was the same. Nom Nom.

Have a whole stack of recipes to try too while I am on holidays.

My failing over the weekend was nibbles before dinner when we were out. Am going to have to take some cut up vegetables with me in future so that I have got something to dip or munch on. At one dinner I ate the rice crackers and then compounded the mistake by sampling the potato chips. Of course I couldn't stop - stupid woman. The other dinner I ate the grissini sticks with the hummus. I am still amazed that I listen to my subconscious but it is early days and I am determined I will make changes.

Have resigned or whatever from WeightWatchers online. That will save me around $360 a year which is a good thing. I had to laugh - when I first tried to cancel, a window opened saying did I really want to do this and if I would change my mind they would send me a cookbook and warning me of failure. But I have made up my mind - I am not dieting anymore, I am not worrying about portion sizes. I am not going to weigh myself every day or even every week.

Next step is cut down on:
Potatoes and sugar.
I love potatoes and even though I don't eat a lot of sugar I think I get hidden sugar in some things like fruit (was eating far too much) etc. Finding roast pumpkin and sweet potato is a nice alternative to potato plus last night I roasted some carrots as well.
Probably too much wine too but a girl has to have some sort of vice although as the designated driver twice over the Easter break I actually didn't have much to drink when we were out (notice I said when we were "out").

Anyway that is all for now. Going shopping tomorrow for my favourite candles - Lemongrass and I have forgot what. They smell absolutely heavenly. I have to drive out to Terrey Hills because it is the only place I know where to get them. Probably should research them more and find another source closer to home but I might visit some nurseries as well to get some camellias for a new hedge I am planning near the pool.

Friday night is trivia again and then on the weekend J and I are on the Gold Coast for the Cooly Classic. Staying with friends, hopefully catching up with Linda and then home again. A flying visit and hopefully we won't kill each other (J and I not Linda) being in such close proximity for two days.

I know it sounds like we don't get on but I think we are just going through role reversal and I don't want to be treated like a child so I am resisting. She has good intentions and her profession makes her bossy.

Anyway, off to see what I can do for the rest of today - bitterly cold wind blowing at the moment so I guess it won't be outside. Crossword puzzle book and kindle ahoy!

Enjoy autumn in all its glory.


  1. Sounds like life is busy for you right now and that you are doing well! Enjoy your holidays!
    Strange to think that as weather heats up here you are facing into winter and snow.....

  2. I had a real chuckle at the role reversal........with 3 daughters it gets hillarious at times. Sometimes I wonder who "mother" is!!!!!
    You are doing so well with your changes. I am really impressed :)
    Steph was lucky in Baulkham Hills where she is, that there was no damage there and thank goodness you mised most of it too. Notgood about your park though:(
    Enjoy your holidays :)

  3. LOL - you had my chuckling as I was reading your post now !

    A couple of years ago a similar thing happened in our neighbourhood. We went cycling one Sunday morning and got a little way down the road and found all these trees blown over. They wouldn't let us cycle further because of clearing and said we should look in the local shopping centre - went there and whole trees had been ripped from the ground. All this less than 1km from our home !!!!

    Until this weekend I hadn't had sugar for 6 or 7 weeks and can't believe how much better I feel. No 3pm slumps - less tiredness at work - just a much better feeling overall. I had a couple of little solid easter eggs on Sunday and I felt awful - but I ate a few more anyway because I love chocolate !!!!! Had some today as there is a whole jar of them at work and really wish I hadn't.

    I love candles but have banned myself from buying anymore until I have burned the ones that I have - actually Al even banned me from buying more which is something he NEVER does !!!

    So looking forward to catching up with you on the weekend - and REALLY glad to hear you hope we don't kill each other - LOL !!!!!

    Talk to you soon to make arrangements. Love, hugs and positive energy.


  4. Autumn seems to only here come evenings when the cool air comes in...our days have been late summer weather...am enjoying it.

    I will be resigning from ww At Home next week, too costly now...will only be keeping E-tools...