Sunday, May 06, 2012

A bit late

I'm a bit late this week posting.

It has been really hectic at work lately. So much so that early in the week I resorted to sitting in the print room chanting "om" to try and recentre myself and stop the rising sense of panic that was threatening to engulf me.

Everything is trundling along quite well except I have developed a really bad cough. My boss has one which he caught from his young children. One of the joys of working with young people. I had thought that I was passed this phase. Can only get worse as the staff at work gets younger. Have nearly lost my voice and sound like I am still smoking a packet a day. Have started taking cough mixture and will see the doctor soon if it doesnt improve as it has moved down to my chest. 

A couple of good things this week. On at least two or three occasions I have actually said I have eaten enough and not finished my meal. If you know how I eat, it is usually eat until that plate is empty. This feeling of fullness is an unfamiliar feeling for me.

Went to see the ankle surgeon on Thursday night but he can't really tell if the subtalar joint has collapsed from the X-ray so it is off to get a ctscan on both my ankles when I can. The ankle replacement or pacman (because that's what it looks like in the X-rays) is okay though which is good news.

 I love Spencer and Ruthford handbags etc. So it may come as a surprise to some who know one of my fetishes is handbags/purses that I actually went to buy another purse the other night and suddenly thought I don't need this what the hell am I doing. I was so proud of myself. Another milestone I hope.

On a different note, there was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this week by Kasey Edwards about Jenny Craig and them having Dame Edna as their spokesperson now. It is worth reading and the link below should take you there. If not perhaps cut and paste it.  A sentence in it really hit home with me and it was "''Their profitability depends upon failure and their programs ensure that failure happens.'' 
and also this paragraph 
"With such damning rates it is extraordinary that we still blame individuals for ''failing'' at weight loss programs rather than accusing the diet companies of selling snake oil. Can you imagine buying any other product with a 95 per cent failure rate and then blaming yourself when it didn't deliver on its promise?"

Read more:

On another positive note, I have finally decided to get rid of some of my shoes. There are rather a lot of pairs in the wardrobe (to put it mildly) and believe me, this is a major step for me. Even though I can't wear high heels anymore because of the ankle replacement I have kept all my high heeled shoes. Time to move on I think. Meant to mention that when I saw the surgeon I told him about that fact that I had stopped eating wheat and the swelling in my ankles had virtually disappeared. He said that a number of his patients had told him a similar story.

Exercise has been at least 30 mins 6 days a week which I am happy with although some days had been a struggle. Went to a memorial service today for the mother of one of G's friends. She lost her battle with breast cancer last Monday. She was the same age as me. I had only met her once but know her daughter really well. She sounded like a truly remarkable woman and I am sad that I didn't know her better.

Now family roundup:
M is still as grumpy as ever although he did vacuum for me on Friday for which I am grateful.
G&S have now moved back home with her parents to try and save some money.
J&M have finally split up. For good this time. Amicable but lots of tears. She is looking for someone to share the apartment with her. So far she has been offered 4 children and a cat.

And lastly I have discovered the joy of dropbox.  Using it mainly at the moment to move recipes between iMac and iPad but it seems to work really well.

 I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm off to bed.

PS: This was written yesterday and today I have had a fairly easy day due to the fact that I am having trouble breathing but I feel like I have been given a leave pass.  M has gone off to caddy for someone at golf and I am just pottering around like old times.
Blessed be everyone.


  1. ohhh I have tried to clear out my shoes but couldn't...DD came along and was brutal though. Does that mean I can buy some more :-)

  2. Do hope that cough is better by now and not one that hangs on for weeks like mine did last year.
    You sure have had a stressful time lately and I can relate to hiding in the print room. I presume that is where the photocopying is done!! That was one of my places to get time out at work....there and the prep room in the science block. (used to be the Lab assistant) LOL
    Love the info from the paper. :)