Sunday, May 20, 2012

He is The Eggman, he is the egg man...

The iPad and I are having issues today so don't blame me if this makes no sense. 
I typed this post on the iPad and have now opened it on the computer and it just looks like one big sentence.  Oh, well some editing to do.

When I went to the markets on Thursday the egg man asked me if I wanted double yokers at no extra cost. Asked how he could tell and I think he said because they were bigger. All the doubters (insert men) I told looked at me like I was a bit gullible but as they didn't cost anymore I thought why not. Well the proof is in the picture. My breakfast this morning.

Damn it is coming over cloudy and I have gardening to do. At the same markets I bought 5 more pots of violas. M just rolls his eyes now when I come home with them but I think they are such classy little flowers and I have planted them in most of the pots around the larger plants. They will flower for ages as long as I keep watering them.

Egg shell scattered around them to discourage snails and slugs.  Seems to work.

I also bought some common mint as the mint I have has gone woody. This stuff used to grow weed like at home when I was growing up but I don't have much luck with it. Hopefully this time will prove lucky. Everything has settled down in Js life. They have just about sorted everything out financially. She still hasn't found a flat mate but hopefully soon. Not a psycho please. Her M is moving the last of his things out next Sunday. I have lent her some more money to pay out her half of the credit card debt so she can start afresh.

 Have not exercised for over two weeks. Bronchitis or whatever it was has nearly gone. A bit surprised because normally it hangs around for at least six weeks but hit it this time with antibiotics, puffer, cough medicine, tablets to help me sleep at night and Fess. Will start walking again this week. Lucy and I are definitely getting a waddle up.

 Have been going okay with no wheat, very little sugar and no dairy. BUT had some feta cheese on Friday night and paid the price on Saturday. Serves me right. I am going to have to watch my portion sizes too I think. A bit of a problem there. Still can't believe the difference in the swelling in my ankles. Still have to have MRIs on both of them but they hardly swell at all anymore. Two months ago it looked like I had a cricket ball strapped to one and a baseball strapped to the other. Most of the time I am also feeling a deep-seeded contentment too. One of my strange little joys is the fact that my fridge is slowly emptying of stuff. The pantry too. I try to shop at the farmers markets when I can get off work early (thank you gorgeous boss), plan our meals for the week and only buy the produce I need. It has cut down on wastage and the amount of money I spend. That in itself makes me happy.

Mothers Day breakfast with the children at Echo on the Marina at Roseville was so nice plus I got the bonus of a lovely card plus a gardenia scented candle. I had eggs benedict with smoked salmon and J ate the sourdough that it came on for me.  Selfless daughter.

G and S have moved back to her parents home to save money and at the moment he seems to have settled in quite well. They are off to Alaska in a couple of months for a wedding. J is off to Kokoda in 4-5 weeks. I will be asking you all to focus you thought on her when she is away to help guard her. I am such a worrywart and I can't tell her how worried I am that she is doing this. Worried and extremely proud. It never stops does it?

Discovery of the week:  there is a kindle app for the iPad and I can access all my books on my kindle on my iPad as well.  How cool is that.

Anyway my morning coffee is finished, those scrumptious eggs gone, M has gone to golf and I have the glorious whole day stretching out on front of me to potter before the dreaded ironing tonight.

Although M has gone to golf he has been ill all week and in a lot of pain.  He was really focussed on what was happening to him to the point if he didn't stop talking about it I would have smothered him.  I had lots of yukky things to do such as change dressings, inspect problem etc etc.  Thank goodness, for all concerned, he seems to be getting better.  Still on antibiotics and back to the doctor tomorrow.  He is very sweet, even bought me a cup of green tea this morning at 5:30 before he headed off and as much as I love him I am over it.  Heartless trollop aren't I?

 Have a wonderful day and week and blessed be.


  1. yum, love those double yokers...

  2. Double yokers......what a bonus :)
    I hope M is feeling better by now or have you smothered him lol
    Hope your week is going well and you are having better weather than here. Really cold and overcast here today. Poor Steph and Tyler nearly froze last week while they were here. She understands now why we don't think it's cold when we come over......It's easy to spot the Kiwis....they are the ones in tee shirts in the middle of your winter lol :)
    Will sure send lots of good keep safe vbes for J when she travels. As another Mum I can understand your feelings :)
    Hugs from NZ

  3. I love finding apps that do what you wand then to !!! Having trouble with Runkeeper and considering changing it - not sure whether iSmoothrun will be better or not !
    Hope you are managing to get to your exercise like you said you would !!!
    Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you in my blog today - I hope you don't mind !!
    Have a great day !