Friday, June 08, 2012

Boring and Normal - just how I like it

Well this week has been fairly normal for me.

Firstly, Dr Hormone had news - the previous Dr Hormone had upped the oestrogen and testorerone levels of my troche quite significantly.  New Dr asked me did I know why.  Last time I saw old Dr was in April 2011 and I have no idea why he put the dosage up.  My question was surely he wrote notes.  Apparently not and I could not remember.  I hadnt had a blood test since 2010 so I think that old Dr Hormone may have been getting a tiny bit slack towards the end.  He is still practising somewhere further west but has sold this practice.

Anyway the upshot was that this may be the reason why I have been putting on weight significantly around the middle and when I look back I think yes that is probably when I started piling it on.  I was just thinking that it was normal but maybe there is no such thing as normal.
Anyway I am just awaiting the compounding chemist to post me my new prescription so that I can start it and hopefully see some improvement in my middle.

Also although I was taking 2 biomagnesium tablets every day my magnesium was very low so am now on a scoop of magnesium powder in my juice every morning and 1/2 tpsn of zinc powder in water every night after dinner.  Still anemic but not low in iron so dont quite know what that means.  Too many things to take in. 

Have to drink less coffee and wine and more water or herbal tea.  Sounds boring but will try.

Also had my flu shot as I am finally over the bronchitis.

Secondly, went to see the neurosurgeon re my back.  He couldnt see that it was much worse than it had been in December 2010 when he last operated which was really great news.  I just have to find out where the MRI scans are and send them down to him as of course they werent in the envelope with the rest of the stuff.  So friggin annoying.

Although today looks lovely the weather here has been cold.  6 degrees this morning.  A lot colder in other parts of Sydney.  An east coast low hit on Monday night  and temperatures dropped significantly plus the winds picked up and did lots of damage in southern suburbs and Illawarra.  Ski season starts officially this weekend so children are happy with the weather and are off to the snow tonight for a couple of days. Snowboards and skis are all packed.

Despite the weather,  the builder has finished the brickwork around the study window (shoddy job from a previous builder) and possum proofed the roof (same builder not finishing off roof join properly).  Hopefully roof will go back on deck soonish.  Last weekend when it was raining really missed having that buffer of a dry area and Lucy had no where really to go.  Boy did I get tired of drying her and she is not all that fond of the hairdryer.  AND he (the builder) actually talked about the front verandah and what we have to do there yesterday.  I thought he wasnt going to do it this time and I would have to wait another 12 months but no it is going to be done and then I will get it tiled.  Or maybe I have to get it tiled and then he will redo the posts.  Cant remember but M was there too so I am sure he will remember what was said.

Nothing much else to report.  The market people and I are establishing a nice rapport but I must admit it involves a lot extra planning and work but I enjoy it.  Also found a discount pharmacy nearby to the markets so am going to be getting my prescriptions there in the future when I can.

A small karma type thing happened yesterday.  I wear my mother's wedding ring given to her by my father.  I dont think it is of any great value except it was something that my father gave to my mother.  Inside is engraved "tru love" which I think may have been true at the time.  Anyway it is so small I wear it on my little finger and yesterday when I got back to the car to put away my purchases from the market I suddenly became aware that I no longer was wearing it.  My first thought was to check the car - so I went back and had a quick look but it had so much stuff in it it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Then I thought that I would go back to every place I had been and ask and look.  Not really practical as I had been a lot of places.  My last thought was "I hope whoever finds it cherishes it as much as I did".  While walking back into the shopping centre for some reason I decided to check my handbag and guess what I found in the bottom.  The ring.  Now safely restored to my finger.  It must have slide off when I put my purse back in my bag.  I cant describe the feeling that went through me.  I would have done a little dance if that wouldnt have looked a bit strange.

It is a long weekend here this weekend and we have nothing set in concrete to do.  Three whole days off.  Bliss.  Mind you school holidays start in two weeks which is also a reason for celebration except we are being audited (at work) in the last week of term which might be a bit stressful.  Checked the gym timetables and have pencilled lots of things into my diary such as pilates, yoga and body balance. 

Still reading "Wheat Belly" and highlighting so many passages that seem to apply to me.  Skipped the diabetes chapter as dont have that problem.  Tests were negative.

That's all.  Fairly boring week actually.
Enjoy yourselves


  1. Lucy being "not that fond of the hairdryer" made me laugh! Glad you sorted out the problem between old and new docs. We put so much trust in these people!

  2. Hi - great about the diabetes, do you know what your HbA1C was? My glucose tolerance test came back normal and my doctor said I was OK even though my HbA1C was 6% which is prediabetic!! I'm glad I questioned him about it because yes, he agreed, I am prediabetic and those glucose tolerance tests aren't used now (he said).

    I love karma - how lovely to find the ring.

  3. Not a boring week at all LOL. So good to hear you found your ring. Enjoy your long weekend and have time for you :) xx