Friday, June 29, 2012

Short and Sweet

I have been absent without leave.
I will try to make this short as I am at work.
All doctors reports are back in - if I can put up the pain, the longer the better, than that will be a good thing rather than have anymore major ops with maybe not so good consequences.

Lost my mojo somewhere along the way.  Was exercising by walking Lucy at least three times a week and had started back at the gym two days a week using the weight machines but it suddenly stopped. Things, actually life, keeps getting in the way.  I am trying to put myself first but seem to have got out of practice at that since M has retired.  It is a conundrum.

Weight is still the same so I guess it wasn't the hormones in the HRT.

Anyway today is the last day of the school term and I am off on two weeks holiday.

Over the next two weeks:
  • I have plans to do classes at the gym - pilates, yoga and body balance when I can.
  • I plan to walk Lucy 5 days a week.
  • I will go to the gym on the weekend to use the weight machines because my muscles, especially the hamstrings and quadriceps, have disappeared completely.  Upper body on Saturday, lower body on Sunday.
  • I will really really try to limit my glasses of wine to 3 days a week with a plan to reduce it further.
  • I will post more.
  • I have loaded RunKeeper app on my iPhone so that might help when I can work out how to use it.

We are off to the Hunter for four days/3 nights mid school holidays.  That will be hard but I will try.

J is at the very moment walking the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.  I can follow their progress as one of the guys in her group has a GPS tracker.  It hasn't moved since yesterday but I am sure that there is a good reason for that.  Please please hold her in your thoughts until she is safely home.  Why couldn't I have a daughter who loved dresses, makeup and just being a girl.  I had to have Action Girl.  No, I wouldn't change her for the world - she keeps me on my toes.

Love to you all - Molly is off to Ireland etc to visit family - travel safely and Linda is running in a race tomorrow - may the weather be kind and remember to enjoy yourself.

Thinking of you all


  1. Thanks for thinking of me Julie. I know what you mean about having a girlie girl - seems we both lucked out on that one !!!! But, like you say, wouldn't swop her for anything !!

    It's great that you have some goals to aim for - remember, life goes on and it is for living, not for denying yourself everything nice ! If you have had a break from exercising, don't over do it to start with - ease back into it slowly.

    I hope you have a great break - enjoy every minute of being on holiday !!!!

    Love, hugs and positive energy.

  2. ahhh to walk the Kakoda that would be awesome.
    Enjoy your getaway to the Hunter...sounds deeevine :-)

  3. are a Mum so of course you worry :) Also being a wife and a Mum of course life gets in the way of the best laid plans LOL :)You certainly sound like you are going to be a busy girl in the Holidays......just don't over do it :)
    Hunter Valley......can you recommend either a day trip or overnight.where to go & where to stay etc. Just may get there with Jim's sister & her Husband when we come over. Not long now:) Well it is about 6 weeks but I'm on the countdown to seeing my girl, and you, I hope too :) Enjoy your weekend :)