Monday, August 27, 2012

Back Again

Hi here I am back again.
Virtually back where I started.
I have been concentrating on exercising as my Facebook friends can attest as Runkeeper has been keeping everyone abreast of my walks with Lucy the Wonderdog.
But last Tuesday, I think, everything went haywire again.
I woke up in the morning and could hardly walk.  The pain in my left foot was and still is severe.  It kind of feels like a stress fracture but honestly I was fine when I went to bed but not the next morning.  Surely I could not have broken something during the night.
Then my calf muscles have become really sore like I had done too much.  Back of course kicked in in sympathy.  I am a mess.
Also my hands are swelling.  Having trouble getting my wedding rings on and off my left hand and I think the rings on my right hand will have to be cut off.  There is no way they are budging.
Dont quite know how to approach this.  I suppose the first step is the GP but I dont have great faith in GPs other than treating colds, writing prescriptions and referring you to specialists.  And besides, I think my GP is cross with me because I complained about her always being late.  Finally went to see her again last week and I was the last appointment and was in and out in no time and she was only 30 mins late.  She also wouldnt approve my care program until September although she previously had said she would renew it in July. Sigh.
Weight is still slowly going up.  Not eating wheat or dairy. 
This could be part of the problem of course.  Am now trying to write down what I eat everyday and tracking my weight.
So I am taking Panadol Osteo a couple of times a day to take the edge off the pain.
I will wait another week to see if everything might settle down. 
Hopefully I will have better news next time but walking and the gym have been put on hold at the moment which is really annoying me as the weather is glorious at the moment.


  1. The gym sounds a bit strenuous for you, all things considered. Have you ever considered taking up Tai Chi? Very gentle but excellent exercise---good for body and soul!

    1. I tried Tai Chi for a couple of years but it is too long standing for both my ankle and my back. I did love it but always ended up sitting out half the class.

  2. Shame.....The center where I go for yoga has a "yoga in the chair" class. Maybe you could find something similar there?

    1. Funnily enough when I do yoga I have a chair besides me because of the nerve problem in my back I have trouble getting up from the floor and I have no balance so the chair comes in really handy. Some lessons I do a lot some lessons I do little but I still try to go. I really enjoy it.

  3. Bugga Julie....thats sounds soooo painful, hope it settles down for you soon.

  4. Oh Julie - so sorry to hear that you are still having to deal with so much pain. I truly hope that you can find out what the problem is sooner rather than later. I wish there was something I could suggest. If it feels muscular, maybe trying soaking in a warm bath with a few handfuls of Epsom Salts.
    Thinking of you and sending lots of positive energy your way with hopes that a resolution is found soon for you.
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

    1. I really think it is just the arthritis and I will have to be more careful. Bath is out because if I get in I cant get out - LOL.