Thursday, August 30, 2012

An update

Good news to report.

No. 1 - spring is in the air although they have promised us a southerly change later this morning which will drop temperatures quite a bit.  Damn I have just remembered I didnt bring my coat to work and I have to go to the farmers market today.  Talk about a short memory. A couple of warmish days and I have forgotten winter.

No. 2 - have been hobbling around for a week.  Got up on Tuesday morning, which I think, is a week since this latest problem started.  Could hardly weight-bear on that foot so took some painkillers and got on with it.  Gradually during the day I noticed that the pain didnt get any worse and here it is Thursday and I havent taken any painkillers since Tuesday morning.

On Monday I went for a walk at lunch time extremely slowly with lots of limping.  I just needed to get out and do something.  I felt like I should have had a walking frame or cane.

Then by Tuesday lunchtime as mentioned above the pain has lessened to the extent that I felt okay walking a bit further.

Here it is Thursday and there is a little bit of a niggle there but nothing much.

I have been writing down what I eat each day and trying to drink water.  I am not dieting but I just wanted to see what days were the problems because I basically eat the same things each week.  My weight is going down so that might be helping.

But I think, Dr Julie strikes again, that it might be something like gout which is another form of arthritis.  The week before last we had a very hectic social time with at least two glasses of wine (ahem, maybe more some nights) each night and I have a feeling this might have had something to do with the pain in my left foot.  It is another month or two before I go back to the rheumotologist and put this theory to her but it will be interesting to see if it happens again although I am back on not having alcohol 4-5 days a week.

G has moved back home, kind of.  He is in the process of looking at units to buy.  We have offered to lend him the deposit.  Am I a bad mother? I am kind of over living with grown children no matter how much I love them.  Next hurdle is I am going to ask him for board.  Anyway he has to find something before the end of September so here keeping our fingers crossed.  He has been a bit like a nomad since his split with "the love of his life", sleeping on peoples couches etc.

I think I can finally say that M has retired (two and a half years) although he still wont admit it.  Previous employer offered him another consultancy job a couple of weeks ago and he said no. 

J has decided that she is not going to keep looking for a flatmate and can handle the rent on her own.  She actually likes living by herself. 

Anyway, thank you for your concerns - just thought I would let you know that things are starting to feel better.  Fingers crossed (and everything else) I hope it keeps going that way.


  1. Fingers...and JUST about everything else for you, sure hoping it keeps getting better for you. x

    1. Except for tiredness I am feeling okay today.
      Thank you for your support. It means a lot.

  2. Glad to hear that the pain has stayed away.
    LOL at you having to ask for board. K has been paying board since she started uni part time - when she was full time she didn't pay but she does now $55 pw ! She occasionally ask if she can miss and the answer is always the same - no - if I want to go on a shopping spree the bank doesn't let me not pay my mortgage so sorry, you have to pay. If she hasn't got much work and so doesn't have the money - totally different story but she can't not pay board and then buy Black Milk leggings at $75 a pop !!
    Hope the weather stays fine for you today - have a great weekend !

    1. G probably earns more than me. M just said no we won't ask for board. I dont think so. G eats like a horse and showers continually. Just a normal young man really but I dont see why we have to bankroll his lifestyle. He is still going out etc etc.
      Whoops was that a rant?
      Thank you for listening and also for your support. All those positive energy and hugs have worked!

  3. I have written and re written what I think about G and board lol. Decided in my wisdom to save it for when we meet lol. Will just say now that I think he should contribute to living at home. :)
    I will either email or do an update later today to let you know what's been happening with us and why I haven't been in touch yet......or I will phone (if I can find your numbers......I have them somewhere lol). We are going to be here for some weeks now so there will be time to catch up I'm sure :)
    I'm pleased to hear you are feeling better and hope that pain stays away. You are doing so well with your walks :)
    Bye for now :)

  4. Hi Julie, I thought I had left a comment but the way my head is I can't be sure. LOL I will try and get in touch asap but with all the comings and goings it's a bit hectic. Will update on my blog when I can.......hope all is continuing to be well for you and the board thing gets worked out to everyones satisfaction.:)