Friday, January 25, 2013

Down, down, Julie is down

(sung to that annoying Coles jingle. I think that it is an INXS song and I hope I havent put it into your head for the rest of the day)

I know it shouldn't matter but I weighed myself this morning and the weight has gone up again.  I have been exercising religiously and it really is as I always thought it was, exercise does not make a lot of difference to me.  I cant even say that it makes me feel better.  Probably just wears my joints out quicker.

In saying this about exercise, I look at Runkeeper and see that I have exercised more this month than ever before.  Racked up awards/badges in Fitbit too.  I will keep at it when I go back to work or I will try to but it wont be every day I think.  Maybe intersperse it with the gym and yoga.  To walk before work means getting up before 5:30 am and I have just had weeks of sleeping in until 6:30-7:00 or later sometimes.

I am going to try and track what I eat for a week to see if I can pinpoint the problem other than old age.  Mind you the minute I decided that I would track we made up our mind to go out to lunch today to celebrate my last day of holidays (the weekend and public holiday do not count as my holidays).  But I will just write down what I have and then review it next week.

My resolution is still working.  I am relaxing, trying to be pleasant all the time no matter if someone else is being unpleasant (their problem not mine), taking time to acknowledge everyone I see and not taking offence at perceived slights (my problem), being open to change of plans and others' requests and just generally chillin'.  Sometimes deep breathing helps when all else fails.

Back to work on Tuesday.  Those 5 weeks of holidays have just flown.

Cupboards have been cleared out and I have a guest room piled high with bags ready to go to charities.

M tells me apparently I am going to do it all again next holidays.  We will see.

We have got on surprisingly well while I have been off.  A precursor to retirement maybe.  Although I dont know who makes the lunches and cups of tea when I am not here.  He seems unable to.

On a friend's recommendation I have joined a co-op type organisation called "HarvestHub".  I have to pick up my first order this afternoon.  Hopefully in the long run this may save me some time and money.

Summer keeps coming and going here.  Last Friday was the hottest day since 1939 I think or it could have been ever.  The temperature got to over 46 degrees.  Even too hot to go swimming outside until later in the day.  I dont mind the heat in the day most of the time but I cant stand it at night.

Got my new sunglasses this week. Plus new lenses for my driving/watching tv glasses.  Over the past two months M and I have spent an absolute fortune at the optometrist.  Probably put a child through university.  I still have two pairs that need the new prescription in them but they will have to wait a little while until my budget recovers.

J is on her way to Goulburn next week to start her detective course.  I will miss her so much.  No daily phone call to make sure that I am alright.  I keep telling her that her father and I get up to so many dangerous things during the day (standing on ladders, climbing up on the roof, driving down windy narrow roads) that she has to check and make sure we are okay.

As an aside, our neighbour who is a bit younger than us, climbed up on her roof a month or so ago and as she was stepping off the ladder she kicked it away and was trapped up there.  She tried calling to M (deaf as a dormouse) and the guy who lives two doors down but neither of them heard her.  Luckily she go the attention of one of the teachers in the high school next door and he came around and put the ladder up again. I dont think she will be climbing on her roof without her phone in future.

Books read this holidays (not many)
The Snowman by Jo Nesbo
Enjoyed it but as it is set in Norway had trouble with their names and remembering who was who. Trouble when I read on Kindle I cant seem to see the book is long or short and I think this one was long.

Have started reading the first book in The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.  Apparently the 14th and last book in this series has just been published.

Friend has also emailed me a list of books and writers to read.  So many books so little time.

Movies I have seen this month (some old some new)
The Hobbit
Les Miserables
Trouble with the Curve
Pitch Perfect

And that is about all the news I have.  To those in Australia, enjoy Australia Day celebrations this long weekend and everyone stay safe :)


  1. LOL - now I have that jingle in my head - may have to put my radio up louder to get it out !!!!
    I know EXACTLY what you mean about your weight and exercise and food - am hoping to get it together in the next week or two and come up with a plan of attack that is going to suit me.
    I hope J is successful at Goulburn - I know how she feels about you and M because that is how I feel about my folks !!!!!! I phone at least once a day just to make sure they haven't done anything silly or if they have, to find out what I can do to help undo what has happened !!!
    Have the best long weekend - catch up with you next week sometime !

  2. Thanks for commenting over on my place. Despite all the flood dramas we've had I am moving slowly downwards. Just need to keep the focus and stay off the wine! (Although did let up on the weekend)

    1. I hate that you are having to give up wine but understand totally. Probably should too but maybe not at the moment. Will try cutting down on food instead as I know my portions are far too big. Hope you and your wonderful friends have put your house back in order (well as least as much as is possible).xxx

  3. That Coles jingle is soooo annoying .... and so are those red fingers that I continue to have to clean up in my shopping centres.....

    Well done on all the walking...I find without it I do NOT lose......

  4. I really really wish it would make a difference to me too because I have been so good with exercise in the last month but alas, maybe the wine is undoing it all! Sigh....
    Oh well