Saturday, February 01, 2014

Moving on - the only way is up

Funny thing about battery charging and iPads - you have to actually plug them in otherwise it doesn't work.  Probably an indication of how far gone I was last night.

Still aching but I dragged myself up early this morning and we walked in the cool which makes it all worthwhile.

Today is cooler than it has been lately.  The heat has been a killer and I try to walk Lucy in the mornings around sunrise otherwise there is no energy left at the end of the day.

Work has been hectic this week.  I seem to be dancing up and down on the one spot and not getting anywhere.  The relief cleaner complained that she couldn't clean my office because of all the papers everywhere.  Hopefully next week, when people are away at a conference for 4 days I will be able to get stuck into it without the constant interruption.

The trouble with 5 weeks holidays is trying to remember what happened and what was said last year. Have been trying to go through my 2013 day book to see what I haven't done.  Oh well, it will all work out in the end.

I finished all the irrigation systems that I planned to put in.  I have three large gardens left which I was going to leave until next holidays but they make deep watering the gardens so easy that I am going to try and put the rest in when I can find the time.  Hopefully one tomorrow.

Have planted out all the new plants I bought plus have planted out to the garden some of the cuttings I have struck.  The salvia cuttings my friend brought me in Mid January have all grown roots and I have potted them on and they are looking good.

I rescued a friends maidenhair fern last year as it was "dead" and have revived it and sent it back with strict instructions not to try and kill it again.

Today is just cleaning house and grocery shopping.  Such an exciting life I live.

Oh I finished another dog book "amazing Gracie".  Made me cry but then ads can make me cry.  It is a lovely story about an albino Great Dane who was deaf and how she saved her owner when he thought he was saving her.

To feel the love and loyalty of a dog is such a special gift - no conditions, no strings.  I have been blessed.

Happy lunar new year everyone - the year of the horse has begun. Gong Hey Fat Choy!

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