Saturday, February 22, 2014

What happens when you forget

Today is a bad day.

The trouble I have is a poor memory.  Travelling along feeling mostly good and then I stuff it all up.

M and I went to see Jimmy Barnes last night at Taronga Park Zoo as part of their twilight concerts they hold in summer.  Absolutely gorgeous afternoon and night we got a great spot although I think it would have been hard to get a bad spot and it was a great concert.  The support act was Jon Stevens and the Dead Daisies.  Good hard rock.

As it is our 40th wedding anniversary tomorrow I ordered the picnic hamper as well with not a great deal of thought.  The hamper was lovely but hello, it was full of dairy and wheat.  I steered clear of the dairy as I am still recovering from my last transgression and will probably bear the scars forever but this morning I woke up in a great deal of pain with an upset stomach which I haven't had since giving up wheat.  Pain killers helped with the pain and I will just have to wait for my stomach to settle.  I also have no energy.  I know, will she ever learn but you know when you are feeling good you forget just how bad you can feel from just one bread roll.

We are going out again this afternoon to the food and wine festival in Hyde Park with friends and tomorrow is the rugby.  If I could get out of either of these events I would but unless I really get sicker I can't.


  1. I can so relate to the eating. I have had to go back to 20mg of Losec daily while over here as well as take a few pain killers as it is so hard when you are in someone else's home. Both Jim and I do our best but some days I just want to eat my way!!!!! We had caterers yesterday for Nikita's birthday but all the food was carb loaded. Tonight I am cooking. Meatballs in a tomato based sauce with rice for the others plus a salad. Also I have made a mashed potato topped pie with the leftover roast lamb that the canapés were made of yesterday. Only trouble was the lamb was in little pastry cases!!!!! Boy did we both suffer last night from all the wheat based foods on offer. Steph is going to change the menu for Chris's 40th in a couple of weeks. :)
    Lucky you going to see Jimmy Barnes......I'm lucky if I get to see the news rofl!!! Will try harder to phone this week :) xx

    1. We seem to be getting busier the older we are getting. Out of the last five days we have only had one evening at home and that was a work day. Everything has settled down but I know what you mean. You realise that it all really isn't worth it but sometimes when you are out it means eat the bad stuff or starve or drink to much on an empty stomach which also leads to a disastrous result LOL. Just relax and enjoy your stay with your grandchildren.