Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Let the healing begin!!

Great day today with Mum. She had walked down to subway and bought what I guess was a 12 inch roll and we had half each. Salad and meat - tasty and enjoyable and I know it is okay with weight watchers. Ducked the cakes etc and just had two cups of tea and one cup of coffee. Yah did well.

Had two chocolates tonight and a licorice from DH's fathers day bag. Naughty but nice.

Read Margarets blog tonight about "Bloggers for Joggers" and am quite looking forward to the walk on the 16th October. Will download the transfer for the tshirt - probably tomorrow. Must arrange to make a donation for her. Hopefully my surgeon says that I can start walking again and that my foot has healed completely. If it has I am going to start working up to running again. Woo hoo. Cant wait.

Bad news - rheumatologist says that arthritis is accelerating. Have to increase medication and hope it doesnt made it as sick as the methotrexate (?). DH wants me to go to a naturapath which I am considering doing.

The meditation today is very apt to the above:

"I will look around and open myself to as yet undiscovered sources of support wherever they are available."


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