Monday, September 26, 2005

Faint Not - fight on! Tomorrow comes the song.

It was wonderful this morning to wake to the sound of rain on the deck roof. So needed and so welcome.

First day of holidays and enjoyed the leisurely start to the day instead of the racing around that normally happens.

Did part of my gym session before pilates and was going to finish it after the class but decided I didnt need to do any more stretching although a bit more cardio wouldnt have gone amiss.

Did some grocery shopping and bought all Weight Watchers products and low fat because I reasoned when I go off the rails today, and I usually do, at least I could minimise the damage - well that was my reasoning anyway. Isnt it amazing how you can rationalise anything if you want to.

Having lunch with Mum tomorrow. She usually has enough food to feed a small army so I have told her a sandwich would be great. I hope she listens this time. Also finally going back to the rheumatologist so will find out the results of all my tests.

Dear Daughter (DD) has been offered a new job and is justifably nervous. I have advised her what questions she should ask but have stressed to her that the decision is hers and hers alone.
It looks good on paper but then every thing always does doesn't.

Ex brother-in-law is having his leg removed tomorrow. He is in a pretty bad way. He has reached this stage by not managing his diabetes at all. It does not look good but if nothing else he is a fighter.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day. Looking forward to once again trying to hold off the hunger pains. I must try to drink more water. I certainly am not drinking enough water at the moment.

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