Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I dont know what's wrong.....

Thank you for comments and emails.

I dont know why but I am sad today. Cold and sad. Im tired of the pain. Seeing surgeon on Friday and hopefully he will know how to fix me. I try to walk Lucy a couple of times a week and I cycle at the gym but I know that is not enough for me. I used to do so much. I feel bad.

Yesterday I went to a conference and heard a motivational speaker who was wonderful and she made me feel wonderful too. But today I feel sad - a bit like a sugar spike I guess.

Did I mention that I am married to a simply wonderful man. Im surprised he hasnt mentioned trading me in on a new model as I feel like I am wearing out rapidly and he is so patient. If it is not one thing it is another thing wrong with me. Damn damn damn!

Children are fine. They visit or call often. Everything seems to working out well for them. DD loves the police training and DS has gone to a conference in Brisbane this week.

Hunter was nice. Lots and lots of kangaroos. Probably too many due to drought. I spent my morning walks stepping over dead ones on the side of the road. Saw two foxes (alive) as well. Nice wine, good food and met new people.

Sorry if I am depressing anyone. I have been dodging posting because I have felt like this for a while. Havent been checking my emails. Guess it will pass in due course. No it is up to me to get over this. Im off........


  1. Sorry you feel sad! Being in pain a lot certainly wouldn't help. I also think our age isn't an easy time for our moods. Hang in there Julie. Try and do something nice for yourself today. Sending some smiles to you :-) :-) :-)

  2. Felt for you reading your post - I hope that something works for the pain. Best of luck at the surgeon on Friday and take care:)

  3. Oh Julie, you don't have to apologise for how you're feeling. I hope things gets better soon and I reckon what you and we all need right now is a great big dose of sunshine too.

  4. Hope you are feeling better:)

  5. You deserve some relief from the long period of problems you have been having with your foot. Hope it gets better soon.