Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life moves on

Found out what is wrong with my back: a herniated bulging disc. Three options:
Learn to live with the pain
Try injections again
Have an operation to cut away where the disc is bulging and pinching the nerve.

I guess the next step is an MRI. Have to ring and find out about having one with sedation because of the claustrophobia(?).

Anyway am surviving with minimum amount of sleep and eating everything in sight.

My sweet little canary, Spike, died last week. He has had a number of strokes over the past couple of years but always managed to survive and recovery but I guess this time he didnt. He looked very peaceful, I actually thought he was asleep.

We have removed our slow combustion fire from our loungeroom and replaced it with air conditioning. We have had the fire for over 20 years and it was lovely but its use by date was up and I must admit pushing a button is easier than trying to light a fire everynight. DH keeps muttering - "its not as warm as the fire".

Children have all settled into their respective new homes. DD came home last weekend (only to shower and trash) and we met the boyfriend for the first time. He was nice and it was so funny watching her be all soft and sweet. DS spent last week in Queensland at a conference. I dont think Brisbane will ever be the same.

DH very kindly gave up the option of watching the second match of the Bledisloe live this Saturday to go with friends to see Doug Parkinson and have dinner at the local Thai. We will tape it and watch it when we get home. Hopefully it will be a better result than last time (for the Wallabies that is - sorry to all the All Black fans).

Am getting back into the swing of things at work but as usual the days are not long enough. Roll on summer


  1. Well I guess it's a step forward knowing what the problem with your back is but none of the solutions sound like much fun, and you must be struggling with the lack of sleep. Wish I could just give you a big hug - consider this a virtual one! Take care

  2. At least you now know exactly what you're dealing with and what your options are so you can move forward. I agree, roll on Summer already!

  3. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Good luck with the Mri as the more information you have the easier it will be to make a decision. And like you I am longing for summer. It definitely affects my mood.

  4. No wonder you are in so much pain! Good luck with the MRI.
    So sorry about your dear little canary.
    I agree "roll on summer", I am OVER this cold weather too.

  5. Poor you - but at least you know, so can go on to the next step. You aren't depressing anyone - your blog is to get out your feelings. I really wish you all the best in getting your pain issues sorted out. LOL my man and I quite often joke about trading each other in.