Monday, July 03, 2006

Finished walk finally

Hooray, Ive finally finished the North half of Bibbulmun track and I am off to Africa for a safari. I honestly thought that I would never make the end of the track but I did. Honestly, it is one of the few things keeping me motivated at the moment - now if I could just remember to put the pedometer on first thing everything will be great.

Slight disaster with my hair. Remind me never to listen to son's advice again. My hair is now a butter colour. Didnt leave it in long enough. Decision now is to whether to try again to lighten it or go darker. Either way it could be another disaster in the making.

DD has returned to Goulburn after a weekend at home. It was like living with that tasmanian devil from the bugs bunny show. A whirlwind of destruction. But house is more or less back in order and we probably wont see her again for a few weeks unless her boyfriend returns from europe and then she will definitely be coming home.

Have been a bit unmotivated lately and not been using my e-tools for tracking and generally pigging out a bit. Went back into e-tools on weekend and discovered that they have improved it (you can now print out your daily points tracker so that you can read it - or analyze it in my case to find out where I have been going wrong or just to keep me on the straight and narrow). So hopefully I am back on track again although I have the theatre this Wednesday and our holiday in the Hunter commencing Friday. Oh well, will just do my best and try and work some walking in to the mix to help conteract any excesses.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Am off to the gym shortly to do some cycling.


  1. Yet another similarity - I logged on too to discover the updated e-tools after a week of general slackness - see my post today. Thanks for your e-mail - will email back when I get a minute.
    ps it's also taking me a long time to walk the northern Bibbulmun track!

  2. Glad you are moving as hopefully that means your foot is on the mend. Enjoy your trip to the theatre and your holiday and then keep on tracking and walking...

  3. Hope your hair is OK!

    Glad you are back on track. Just looking at your weather pixie. 17 degrees! Sounds lovely.

  4. Now this sounds good, off to a Safari! It's great that this kind of thing keeps you motivated and sometimes, that's half the battle. Enjoy your time in the Hunter!!

  5. Hope you had a great time at the Hunter. How is your foot holding up?

  6. Gotta hate it when you try something different with your hair and it doesn't turn out right. I would strongly advise you to go to the hairdressers though to fix it if your not happy with it. Sometimes it can even worse by trying to right the wrong yourself. Take care. I'm sure your motivation will return soon. XX