Thursday, August 24, 2006

Attempt number (god only knows)

Here I go again. I am starting again again again.

I am going to weight watchers for weigh in tonight even though I know it will be ugly (even more ugly than last time).

I am going to have to deny myself all the extra special treats I have been having (as much as I can anyway). And it really will be deny.

I think my problem is that my brain (or is it my stomach) doesnt ever register as being full. I just keep eating.

I watch my children and husband all say they have had enough, and am continually amazed that they can say this. I dont think that I have ever not finished a meal completely and I eat extremely fast (actually a family joke about the speed of my eating). I try to slow down and leave some but cant do it (yet). Same with drinking alcohol, I guzzle. Thank goodness for rounds otherwise Id be under the table quicker than you could say, yes I'll have another one.

Anyway it is heading toward lunch time and I havent caved in and ambushed the bikkie barrel at work (either of them - sweet or savoury) so hopefully this augurs well for the rest of the week.

I have a 21st at the races this weekend to contend with and not wanting to sound defeatist dont hold out great hopes of me not eating or drinking too much. The saving grace is I have a toothache and it might slow me down a bit (that's sad isnt it?).

Aside: the lyrebird has come down to my office window and is loving his reflection and making noises like a bicycle bell (at least that is what I think it sounds like) and calling to his mate. Magic.

Stay within points each day (back to 18 a day to get me back in line)
Exercise each day somehow (neurosurgeon tomorrow)
Cut down on carbs (my favourites)
Get new trainers organised (keep walking into shops, looking and leaving - it is all too hard)

Have a great weekend.....


  1. That is exactly what I am like. I am NEVER satisfied. I could go on eating. I eat fast also. I enjoy every mouthful, but I get rid of it quickly. Same with alcohol.

    Good luck with your new beginning. Have fun at the races.

    Good luck at the neurosurgeon.

  2. How cool to have a lyrebird right at your window! Growing up in the bush I always heard them, but catching a glimpse was a rare occurance.

    I am like that too - a food monster. As a vego I put it down to not getting enough protein to fill me and lately I have been drinking protein shakes (either Sculpt for women or one from Musashi). Maybe it's the placebo effect, but just quietly, I think it's working. I have a shake 20min before a meal and then when I eat it's not such a frenzy (seriously, I was like a pirhana). I also figure the extra protein will have other, more long-term, positive effects.

    All the best for your fresh start, I know you'll get there.

  3. Snap - I eat and drink fast as well. I also love carbs!!

    Hope all goes well with the neurosurgeon.

    Also - good on you for starting again!!!