Monday, September 04, 2006

Kind of sad

Hi everyone
Have been reading everyone's blogs and am kind of sad that people seem to be dropping off (including me). Life gets busier and busier doesnt it.

I dont email or read blogs at work anymore as I found it was interfering with my workload. Anway, they are starting to block personal emails and other things now with their new system. Hasnt quite caught up with our centre yet but it is coming.

Home life is busy too.

Am home today as I fell over on Saturday and twisted my ankle and cant quite flex it enough to drive. (High heels, all day at the rugby and alcohol definitely dont mix - you'd think I'd know that by now wouldnt you?)

All booked in for operations - back op is on 12 October and hand op is on 21 December. (My sister reckons I am just trying to get out of Christmas again and she is probably right.)

DH is due to go to France on business again soon. He is trying to get out of it - typical of a person who travels a lot and is a real homebody. He may be away for my birthday but I have told him that is okay but I expect a HUGE present. May end up going to races for my birthday with friends. We'll see.

DS is all settled in his unit with mate. They have now bought everything they need and we only see him once a week for the baked dinner. He sold his king single bed for me on ebay and he came up to be here when the bed was picked up. Got heaps more than I thought I would and I am one step closer to setting up my study in his old room.

DD is not in the newbie group at college anymore. The new recruits started today. She has exams coming up and so wont be home this weekend (first time since she went down). She is still loving every moment of it and doing extremely well. Funny isnt it - she struggled at school, being more interested in sport than schoolwork but she is doing extremely well down there.

The children came home yesterday (fathers day) and cooked lunch for DH. It was really funny, DS rumbled his sister constantly all day - she couldnt walk past him without being attacked. He said that it was something he missed as they arent usually at home at the same time and when they have seen each other it is usually in a pub or club and he didnt feel he should rough her up (read brotherly love) in public.

Anyway, enough about me and mine - CONGRATULATIONS TO JODIE AND JAIMIE. Zoe is absolutely beautiful. Well done M for keeping us uptodate. Hope Jaimie enjoyed his first fathers day - well timed!

Congratulations to everyone who received flowers lately. So did I - from my boss (actually a beautiful deep pink cyclamen) for SASS (school admin support staff) appreciation week. What a surprise. Thought he had had enough of me being sick.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great week.

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