Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pain Management Blog

Well lots of things have happened.

As per previous post, decided I didnt really like the spinal surgeon I went to see a couple of weeks ago but thought I would have the MRI done so I was prepared for whatever next happens. Of course, I lost the form. Have rung and asked for another one but I am not holding my breath as the receptionist did sound too hopeful. Probably justifies my thoughts on the doctor.

I have broken out into a rash - dont know what it is caused by but my GP is overseas so I went to see the locum and got some cortesone cream which seems to be working. Skin is really dry and itchy and I have a feeling it is something to do with menopause. The locum was also an acupuncturist and talked me into having acupuncture on my back. DH was not enthusiastic and in the meantime, between appointments, I had a meeting with a personal trainer at the gym to work out a program that I could manage without having to put my membership on hold. She was great and had had two back ops herself (dont know why and didnt like to ask) so was able to help me with a very small exercise program but she also gave me the name of three doctors.

I rang the first one, first thing Monday morning, and the receptionist told me that he had closed his books but they were having a meeting that morning about reopening them and to ring back at lunchtime. Now I feel this is good karma because when I rang back she gave me an appointment for 25 August.

Anyway the upshot is I cancelled the acupuncture, made an appointment with my GP next week so I can get a referral to the specialist.

This is fast turning from a weight loss blog into a pain management blog but hopefully not for long.

I have been a bit up and down with my food lately and today has been particularly woeful. Anything that faintly resembled food has been eaten without a backward glance. I know I shouldnt and I am telling myself I shouldnt as I shovel it in but cant seem to stop myself.

Am bored at work - maybe because it looks such a lovely day outside and I wish I was out there. As nobody is here today but me I went and sat outside in the sun for a while - could have laid down and nodded off.

Friends are coming for dinner tomorrow night and then the rugby on Saturday night. DS turns 24 on Sunday. DD is home for the weekend (sort of).

Nearly time to go home - time to close everything down. Hope you all have a great weekend. Sunshine here I come.......


  1. Hope the new Specialist can help you. I know how important it is to have the right feeling about a Dr.

    Hope your rash soon settles. This bl#@*dy Menopause or perimenopause or whatever "they" like to call it is NO FUN!
    Take care Julie xx

  2. Hope everything works out:)

  3. Glad to hear you are changing drs, good luck with the visit. The sun definitely helps our moods doesn't it? Take care of yourself as it is very hard with the long time you have been in pain. The weight can wait..

  4. Those bulging discs are so annoying. I have three of them. L3/L4, L4/L5, L5/S1. They nearly drove me mad with pain for over two years. Two years of slowly bending over sideways whilst I walked and having to go and lie down on the ground at work so that I could 'straighten' myself out. What a misery. But am happy to say that today I am living in no pain and was able to avoid surgery.

    Obviously since our situations are completely different and I don't know which discs are involved I can't even begin to say that yours is the same. Wouldn't dream of it as I am not a Doctor. But if you would like the name of my Chiropractor who helped me out a lot and was able to adjust me to the point of my current health, I would be happy to pass it on.

    Sorry if I am repeating myself, can't remember if I have told you that before.

    I think you are great Julie and it is terribly sad that you have to go through this pain now. I just hope you manage to have some great moments as well as the not so great ones *hugs*

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