Sunday, September 24, 2006

Missing DS

I got halfway through reading everyones blogs and have to give up.

It is all too much.

Im tired - pain making sleep impossible
My DH is now overseas - thank God or I would be keeping him awake every night too
Im in pain - seems to be getting worse and the demotivation is phenomenal (or however you spell it). Luckily only fairly heathly food in house at moment although I am eating far too much of that even.
Im lonely - God it has only been two days

Please stop the wind. I dont need the extra work of trying to keep the pool clean. (Im a whinger arent I?)

Spent this week at a conference and met some really inspiring women from all over the State. If I was in a better frame of mind it would have been awesome.

Off to bed.
Things to look forward to this week:
Last week of work before 2 weeks holiday and then 2 weeks sick leave
Being audited by the dept auditor (no not really looking forward to it)
Birthday on Saturday (either at the races or watching the Swannies with friends win another grand final)
Dinner with son tomorrow night - since he has moved out we are so close. Funny isnt it. I really look forward to him visiting. Now just have to get him to clean out his room (aka my study). Speak of the devil, guess who just rang to make sure I was okay and to sort out what we are doing for my birthday.
Second call, eldest sister(es) having a really bad time with Mum. Finally understands what middle sister and I was (were?) talking about.
Rambling now - bed time
Hope everyone has a great week


  1. Hi Julie,

    Not sure what I can say that's helpful about all this back trouble you're in... You're not whinging, but I am sure it must make focusing on positives difficult while battling ongoing acute pain.

    It's nice that you and your son have grown closer - happened with my Dad and I when I left home too. We choose to keep in touch and interact as adults and friends, as well as father and daughter. Clearly it's a hard thing for parents to see their kids fly the coop, but all too often parents focus on the loss rather than the gain (make mental note for around the year 2030). Although I hope you weren't worried, you're a lovely lady, as if your offspring wouldn't want to visit you!

  2. I'm so sorry your back is so painful. You are not whinging. You have a valid reason for feeling the way you do. I wish someone could "fix" the pain for you. It must be horrible.
    So nice that you and DS are close. We do miss our "little" boys when they make a life of their own.
    I am SO over this weather. The wind and the horrible, dark days are really getting to me too.
    Hope you are feeling much better today and good luck with your busy week. xx