Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Look

Have gone for a new look to go with the new me. Ive got a bit of a green thing going lately. But have lost a few things off my sidebar so will have to try to work out how to put them back in the holidays. I am such a luddite but I am trying hard.

Weigh in today and have lost 600g this week. That puts me back into the 65s and I am aiming to be in the 64s by Easter (and then maybe I might go up again just a little).

Raining this afternoon so Lucy gets out of her walk. I may get the tramp out and bounce around for a bit. I havent really used it since I got it last mothers day because of all the problems I had last year. DH thinks it is just another useless acquisition but I will surprise him.

Starting to plan our trip to Europe next year. At the moment am thinking Italy, France and the Greek Islands with a short stop in London to visit friends. If anyone has any good websites that might be of interest in planning accomodation or places of interest feel free to let me know. Heard about a place called Cinque Terre from one of the guys at work. He has just been there, so that is on the list of places to investigate.

My MS has just found out she has an enlarged liver with lots of fat around it. Her cholesterol and blood pressure are quite high and she is carrying a lot of excess weight. So, no alcohol anymore which may be a challenge. She cant get in to see the specialist for two months but I think she will put that two months to good use by watching her diet etc. I wish I was closer so I could bully her (did I say that out loud).

Am going great guns with my walking with attitude. Am walking around New Zealand at the moment and have even reached an all time high of 14 in the standings. Woohoo! It is so nice to be able to walk again.

School holidays start next week and aside from the dentist and doctor visits I have a few lunches and dinners to contend with. Plus I am planning a major assault on the gardens. All this rain we have been having has made everything grow so quicklyand lushly including the weeds. So I am going to divide the gardens up into segments and do a bit each day (my new job) plus visits to nurseries at Galston, Ikea and Officeworks. So many things planned, so little time.

Went out to lunch last Monday and actually had a salad sandwich with no butter on brown and a skim flat white. Surprised myself. Then went to a network meeting and took my own green teabag and didnt eat the biscuits. Surprised myself again. Actually I am continually surprising myself lately. In the last three weeks have only had 2 glasses of wine and exercised daily and watched what I have eaten. Please all join hands and pray that this keeps up. I am like a woman possessed!

My ES wants to meet me in Melbourne in late May for her granddaughters 18th. I think I will, it will be a rush as I will have to leave work and head for the airport to get there in time but why not. DH hasnt committed yet to going but I am going with or without him. May even only fly down the Friday and fly home on Saturday depending on other commitments.

Anyway hope everyone is having a good week.

This week I am going to:
Exercise as much as possible
Eat well but sensiblely
Not remind my DD that it is time she moved out
Be more patient (need lots of help with this)


  1. Hi Julie,
    You leave the lovliest comments! And the only reason I'm doing so well at the moment is because my head is in the right place - long may it stay there 'cos trust me I'm not at all inspirational when I'm not in this place!! Couch to 5k is a running programme designed to get you from sitting on the couch to running 5k in a 9 week graduated programme. - check it out here. Then this guy has done it as a podcast - telling you when to walk, run and it has good music too - I'm only week 1 but so far I like it. Fantstic losses and so good to hear that you are on fire - burn baby burn!!

  2. You are doing so well Julie. Well done on the loss. I think you need to change your age from 250! You sound like a spring chicken to me. Very busy and organised.

  3. Thanks Suzy. Dont know how that happened. Certainly dont feel that old, well at least not most of the time.

  4. Great to hear you all bright and positive. You are doing well!

    I'm SO envious about your trip - sounds just wonderful!!!