Thursday, March 01, 2007

So sorry

If I knew how to turn off comments I would. I really dont want people to comment on this post.

I dont know how to verbalize my feelings at the moment but I know I havent checked in for a couple of weeks or read blogs or answered emails.

I am in a bad place at the moment regarding food. I am eating too much, but I have put a plan into motion to hopefully help me get over this problem.

I cant seem to say no to food - it is like an addiction. It makes me ill, literally. I cant eat this stuff but I also cant stop it. It has happened before and I know it will probably pass but I am filled with self-loathing at the moment.

Hey, how's this for a depressing post!

Had bad experience at work. You think you know people but you dont really, ever.

Im tired, overweight but still exercising slowly (a small positive).

Im a sad mess. Please dont worry about me, I am being self indulgent and I will move on. I need that switch to be triggered.

Here's hoping............................


  1. Hi Julie,
    I'm not going to offer a million platitudes - they don't help right now. I'll only say that I know the place where you are and I don't think there are magic words or magic cures for getting out of them - you just need to work through things and get back to the right place in your head - which I know you will (but that takes it's own sweet time). Take care (and you know my email if you want to vent privately!) Z xx

  2. Alright, so what can you do to change how you feel? Maybe take up a hobby? I hear heroin's good LOL.

    Be kind to yourself.

  3. I know you don't want any comments, but I will anyway.

    When someone upsets me I try to tell myself that I can't help what others say or do to me, but I can choose how I let it affect me. I know it is hard, but keep telling yourself it is NOT going to get to you and choose to still feel good about yourself and feel sorry for the person who has to be so nasty and hurtful to others. (hugs)

  4. Hiya Julie, just checking in with, and up on, you.

    I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend and are all enthused for a productive week.

  5. Hi Julie - wondering how you are going? You've had a tough year so don't be too hard on yourself. Don't forget we are here for you when you want us. Take care:)