Thursday, May 17, 2007

Food Addiction and other things

I have began reading two books (more really but two in particular) this month recommended reading, to find one had read already and I must have read an extract in a magazine because when I began reading it I thought this is familiar but I haven’t read it all, at least I don’t think I have.

Went out to dinner on last Saturday night to a favourite restaurant, at Terrey Hills and while we had a lovely meal nearly died when the wine bill came for $180 (3 bottles). We had left the ordering up to one person and he obviously is wealthy or trying to impress. Two points to remember in future
1. Don’t go there for dinner again
2. Don’t trust one person to order the drinks
This was the first time we had been to this restaurant for dinner, we usually lunch there, and it will probably be the last time we go there.
What is it with restaurants and their wine mark-ups!

Am investigating food addiction at the moment but the server is down. I seriously think that there is something wrong with me when it comes to food. I cant recall ever being deprived of food to the extent that I think that if I don’t eat what is on offer I will miss out but that is exactly what I do. I am even considering seeing someone about it.
Sounds drastic doesn’t it but it isn’t meant to be, I’m just curious.

Feeling lethagic and vaguely unhappy and I am taking no prisoners in the food department. BUT these feelings havent affected my exercise which is probably saving me from massive gains at the moment.

Yoga is still going well. Series of gentle movements and stretches which is just what I need to ease me in to this. The only problems being no balance at all, trouble sitting on my legs (kneeling?) and something else hurts to but I cant remember what.

Running Week 3 again this week has been okay. Ran outside early on Saturday morning and the cold definitely helps. Got half through program and was flagging so took off sweatshirt (reminder to self to wear jacket next time as it is nearly impossible to keep moving and take off sweatshirt without losing iPod and/or stopping) and when the cold hit me, it revived me and I was able to complete it.

When I was leaving the park, a little old lady rode in on a pushbike with a helmet, obviously going for a ride around the walking/bike path that skirts the park. I thought how cute and told DH when I got back. His response? “She probably thought, how cute. That little old lady has been for a run”. They sure know how to bring you back to reality don’t they LOL.

Other running this week has been at the gym because I can only go in the afternoons during the week as the idea of running in the dark doesn’t appeal to me. Luckily someone pointed out to me a treadmill that lets you run for longer than the normal 20 minutes the others are all programmed for so I try to snaffle that one otherwise I have to stop iPod, reset treadmill under the slightly disapproving gazes of others, and start again and I lose my statistics. Oh so many hurdles (minor but hurdles nonetheless).

DS has sent his passport this week to Canberra to get his visa. Plans to be in UK by end of June.

Mothers day was lovely. DD came home at 7:30 am from work, made me breakfast in bed and then went to bed. DS arrived straight from work too with atlantic salmon and oysters. I went and did a Body Balance class which I really enjoyed. We woke DD about 2 pm for lunch on the deck. All in all it was a lovely relaxing day. Much better than spending a fortune at a restaurant. My deck is one of my favourite places to sit and relax with good food and good company and good wine. Plus I got to do some gardening as well. Rang my mum and wished her a happy mothers day. That was another bonus – not having to put up with the normal unpleasantness that she usually generates on mothers day – my eldest sister has to. (Mum’s first mothers day in Queensland and true to form came to dinner, ignored my sister completely, not even a thankyou or a goodbye.)

Am thinking about registering for on August 11. The only thing stopping me is that it is the day before the City to Surf.

Highlights for the coming week:
Friday afternoon (just because there is no work for two days – boy am I over working)
Pilates on Saturday morning if I have time
A wedding in the blue mountains on Saturday afternoon (I want it to rain but not then)
Gardening and swimming on Sunday
More running (C25K) don’t know whether I will move up to week 4 or stay at week 3 for another week
Folk Art (the Christmas elf is progressing)

Things I must do:
Carry my camera with me at all times
Reactivate my written journal and carry it with me to jot things down in - reminders, inspirational things etc

PS: DD and I have just spent time going through my wardrobe trying to find something to wear to this wedding. How disheartening. She found some things she likes including a cardigan I knitted eons ago which she wont take off. Finally settled on a variation of the little black dress after trying on skirts and tops and more skirts and tops but it still doesnt feel right. I feel lumpy.


  1. URGH! Why do people do that??! It leaves a bad taste. I would much prefer to drop in at a bottle-o and order TA - but that's not quite in the same spirit, is it?

    As a vegetarian who doesn't eat anywhere near as much as I used to (or, it would seem, as much as others do when 'out for tea') I do end up out of pocket, and often by a fair way. If with friends I could not care less, but when I have been with new people it's a tricky situation (we're not taling a few dollars, it's often double). It's hard to let the nibbles and cheese platter go by (even when I don't feel like them) when I know I am going to be paying, but I think I could always eat it and then really pay, lol. Maybe next time rip the last page out of the wine list so that he still thinks he's getting the good stuff.

    Seeing someone in the know re eating sounds like the smart thing to do. You see someone about your back, so why not this? I wish I had when I was at the start of stuffing myself silly...but then think of all thge fun I would have missed out on!

    Thank your husband for the giggle - but a "little old lady" you are not!

    I am glad you had what sounds like the perfect Mother's Day. Someone must have raised your kids very well ;o)

  2. I read Eat Pray Love a while back (in my manic blogging days) and posted a big write up about it. Isn't it the most amazing book. And I just LOVE the sound of that guy in Italy *sigh* I think I might have to find that book again LOL.

    I went to a Sydney Swans Ladies Day function today and they had the registration forms for the fieldofwomen and it did look really amazing. And I could always go a hot pink poncho!!

    You are incredible Julie - I hope you know that xx

  3. Whoa... You just reminded me why I like BYO's so
    You are doing so well with your exercising.. good on you.. I've hardly been doing any since my knee started getting painful, but I'm hoping to get back into it soon!
    Sounds like you have a lovely week coming up.. Enjoy!
    PS Would love to see some pics of your deck, garden, folk art...

  4. DH and I actually walked out of a Restaurant a couple of weeks ago when we saw the wine list. I can't believe the markup some places put on wine. It really annoys me. We don't mind paying for a nice bottle of wine but not treble the normal price.
    Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day.

  5. I loved Eat Pray Love! Gorgeous book :-)

    The Buddha Belly looks gorgeous too.

    Yoga will definitely let you know what's hurting and where. I hope it doesn't last or you can make appropriate adjustments. So glad to hear it's going well otherwise.

    I am going to a wedding in the Mountains next week too and have the "what to wear" dilemma. I need to hit the shops this Thursday and Saturday is my last chance. I haven't been to a wedding since I lost all the weight so don't have any "fancy" clothes.

    I hope the wedding you went to was gorgeous and there was no rain!!

  6. The wine mark up was huge! We prefer BYO's.

    Hope the wedding went well and that you found something to wear. Too often we focus on the 'lumpy' bits but I reckon we can also be too critical of ourselves.

  7. Lovely to "see" you again Julie! That husband of yours is quite the wag....and, with you on remembering to carry my camera everywhere I go. That and a notebook for ideas that occur when I'm out. The best ones occur to me only when I'm a hundred miles from pen and paper....and with dotage imminent, I can never remember them.