Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Last week's post

This post has been sitting in my draft box for over a week.

Last week: Running going well. It is still a struggle but the endorphins that seem to be released are wonderful.

This week: Failure. Tuesday's run was a failure. Just couldnt do it. After "talking" it over with Zanna (my guru) have decided to run indoors on the treadmill until I can get my stamina up. Did that this afternoon at the gym and it was hard but made it. Because of Tuesday's hiccup I am going to do Week 3 again, running early Saturday morning outside and the other two days at the gym on the treadmill. I am also going to change my gym program and concentrate on building myself up. Blood tests show iron levels down so have bought some iron tablets (which apparently wont give me other problems) and will try to eat more red meat (at least more than I eat now which is practically zilch).

Shortsightedness: I am shortsighted and it really is a blessing sometimes because when I look in the mirror at me in the distance I dont look too bad. Up close is another story of course. Not worried though. Love this time of my life just wish I had more time to enjoy it more.

Have let the cleaner go. It was irking me that I was paying for 2 hours and she was never here anywhere near that long and she seemed to be cutting more and more corners. Have decided the money I was paying her will now go to my super in readiness for retirement and I will just factor in cleaning the house into my week.

Last week: The Super 14's Waratahs home rugby games are over for another year. One more match to play but I dont think they have much of a chance of making the semis - oh all right not a snowflakes chance in hell. Weekends are ours again.

This week: They won their last game and our beloved barney rubble, phil waugh, was back. Solid as ever.

Swimming was great but am having the same stamina problems that I am having in running. Any ideas on how to increase stamina would be appreciated.

Last week: First yoga class was good. Teacher is very nice. Seemed fairly easy but that was probably because it was the first class.

This week: Second class was just as good. Remembered the blanket this time as it gets cool during the relax at the end. Must get a small pillow too (sounds like I am bedding down for the winter doesnt it). Seemed a bit harder this time but years of pilates, body balance and dabbling in yoga at the gym have prepared me for a lot of it. The 90 minutes flies by.

Last week: DS talking about moving to Europe after he finishes TAFE in June. Sad.

This week: Sad isnt really the word - devastated it more the word. Looks like it will be around the 20 June. He has lined up a job at a golf course in England (may southwest London).

Have finished reading Salvation Creek by Susan Duncan. Couldnt put it down. Recommended reading.

Walking with attitude challenge: Am walking around New Zealand but havent really been tracking my checkpoints. Every afternoon I check my pedometer and if it doesnt look like I am going to reach 10000 steps I grab Lucy and we go for a walk. I dont think I have left the top 50 standings since I started. Am finding the pedometer a wonderful incentive to achieve those 10000 steps a day.

Hopefully body balance on Sunday morning before Mothers Day kicks in
Dinner at favourite Thai restaurant at Terrey Hills
More gardening, more hedging
Hairdressers (maybe more blonde highlights)


  1. Sounds like you have had a busy week. Good idea to run indoors until your iron levels are back and your energy is better. At least you can stop if you need to.
    Oh no, antoher DS off to find new adventures! I know we want them to make their own life, but I miss mine so much. Thank goodness for emails and phone.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    (P.S. Yes parcel arrived + extra!Not good business though)

  2. Well done on the wwa challenge. I haven't put on my pedometer since October and really think I need that extra motivation to get moving. I have also been thinking of hiring a treadmill - to see if it will get the use before buying one - as I just can't seem to get out and walk outside. Especially when I am on my own with the boys.

    But I wouldn't trade a day of being at home with them after reading all the stories of the DS's taking off around the world. I feel for you and Sue (NZ) with your boys gone or heading off to Europe...

    Keep in touch - and I will too LOL.
    M xx