Friday, May 25, 2007

A nice week all up

Have been feeling oddly enthusiastic this week. Willpower has returned again maybe not as strong as earlier this year but building nicely.

Weight has returned to what is was a couple of weeks ago mainly because I sat down and did a menu plan for the week and so have got back on track. This plan is not set in stone and when I am hungry I have been snacking on dates or mandarins rather than cream biscuits etc. I feel that my personal “black dog” has retuned to its kennel for the time being. I know he will be back but I am finding new ways to counteract him.

The weather has turned colder in Sydney. Beautiful clear days but cold nonetheless especially where I work. It is so cold down here in the valley and I wear so much clothing that I look like the Michelin man.

C25K – chicken little rides again. Have done week 3 again. Last Saturday morning after the usual argument as to whether I should get out of bed (I surely deserve a sleep-in) the next debate was whether to go on to Week 4 or redo Week 3. I chose Week 3 again and while it was still challenging it wasn’t as bad as it has been previously. The cold air in the morning is like champagne and certainly helps. Mary talks about her yogic breathing helping her, I find the Lemaze childbirth breathing technique helps me but probably doesn’t sound as good. Her reference to dragon breathing sounds like it could be closer.

Wedding at Wentworth Falls last Saturday was lovely. It was blowing a gale so they could not have it outside on the lawns but it was a clear bright day and the house was beautiful. At the end of the lawns we could see all this water spray and it turns out this was actually Wentworth Falls. Incredible views.

As mentioned earlier, am having interesting arguments with myself lately.

Will I go for my run early Saturday morning or have a sleep-in?
Eventually got up and went for a run and thought to myself, I love early in the morning so what’s with the arguments.

Will I take Lucy for a walk on Sunday morning or again, stay in bed longer?
Late again, I procrastinated but we did walk and it once again felt good.

Might give swimming a miss. Ive got so much to do at home.
Am so glad I went. Feel I had a breakthrough with freestyle. First 3 laps hopeless, next three slowed myself right down and it help a lot. I think my breathing problems have something to do with the gag reflex problem. I just have to swallow sometimes and that puts my breathing off.

(Sorry about the red printing but I cant seem to change it at the moment - hope you can read it.)

Once again, I love the book I am reading Eat Pray Love. I am thankful to Philippa for mentioning it and piquing my interest (I also have a list of other things she has mentioned). M says she wrote a blog on it a while ago which I must have missed or maybe I just wasn ‘t ready to read it. I will try to find it if I can still log onto her old blog. It is hitting a point in my inner place – almost happy certainly contented.

Re the above –had a funny experience at the gym this week. Things were conspiring against me for my Day 2 run this week but instead of throwing my towel in and going home I powered on through. Forgot my socks – will I go and buy some? No just wear my work socks – looked daggy and were not cushioned but they did. Got on my ‘special treadmil’ iPod didn’t work – flat battery!! What will I do? Come on, stupid question - this is my third week at Week 3 I know this program so I just did it listening to the gym music and pushed myself harder. Got home – no beef strips. That’s okay can slice up a piece of steak – at least I think it is steak, could be lamb. Oh well, it will do. These probably seem like little things but to me they aren’t. I’m a control freak and I like things to be exactly right. Maybe, hopefully, I am slowly learning to let go and not be so pedantic.

I also won the argument against chocolate biscuits at folk art.

I tried to meditate before yoga this week but couldn’t quieten my mind. It was racing off at all tangents . Talk about “monkey chatter”. My class is in a church hall and even with the heaters on it was cold this week. So, more clothes next week and maybe an extra padded mat might help.

Am carrying my notebook and camera with me. I am writing down feelings, things I want to remember anything actually and it is proving to be a bonus. I have taken a few photos lately whenever I see something that interests me (interesting light etc) as photos have been requested but at the moment my garden is a bit bare but am looking for inspiration. Will see if I can get any decent photos of my folk art.

Had dinner with DS last Monday night as DH had gone to Melbourne for meetings. Finally got to see his apartment. Close to the train station and city. You can see that two young men live there. Took me on a tour of his fridge and freezer both stocked with alcohol and not much else. Actually it was quite an impressive array of alcohol and I guess it will all be consumed in one last farewell party before he goes. We went to a local pub for dinner and I only got teary once when he talked about leaving. BUT he has said that he will only be away for the summer (theirs not ours). His job is being held for him here to return to so unless he truly loves it he will be back. I am happier now. I am trying not to be a clingy mother and have helped him every step of the way so far and I am excited for him but I will miss him immensely. Nobody gives me hugs like my 6’2” DS.

Highlights this week:
Am having a night at home tonight – DH is going to rugby tonight and while I was invited other wife not going so I was able to dip out letting them have a boys night. Am looking forward to catching up with stuff (including the boring stuff like ironing).

Breakfast at gym tomorrow, shopping for new rug, a Saturday night at home (you know you are getting old when you look forward to a Saturday night at home).

Lunch with Hunter Valley holiday friends on Sunday in China town. Catching train in so we will be able to imbibe.

DD is looking at a house on Saturday morning so keep your fingers cross that it is okay but I don’t hold high hopes.

Middle sister returns from holidays tomorrow. So glad have missed her and she is hopeless with her mobile phone.

Folk Art – the Christmas elf is getting closer to being finished (I am so over it) and there will be a picture

Yoga – Week 4.

And tah dah – am finally moving on to Week 4 in C25K. God knows how long I will be at this level but am really enjoying it and it has made me reassess my gym program and walks with Lucy. I think I tend to slack off and get comfortable (read in a rut) but I am now pushing myself a bit harder. It can only be a good thing.

Enjoy your week.


  1. LOL - One thing I do is constantly argue with myself. You are right - it's easy to slacken off and get comfortable.

    Good to hear you sounding positive and enthusiastic!

  2. What a lovely newsy post - so glad to hear you're feeling 'chirpy' again.
    Talk soon
    Z xx